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Crazy busy

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. How often do you run into someone you haven’t seen for a while, and when you ask them how they are, the response is often “Busy!”. Or “I’m so busy!”, or “Crazy busy!”, or “Busy doesn’t even describe how busy I am!”. Get the point – they are busy. I often feel like it’s worn as a badge of honour, like some sort of status symbol.

And the badge of honour this year goes to the most frazzled individual, that constantly talks about how busy they are – making everyone else feel inadequate, as perhaps they are not busy enough. Climb on board the Busy Express, a one-way ticket to Crazy Busy, where – you guessed it – they are very busy.

The busier people are, I think perhaps the more we are meant to feel sorry for them – or maybe that we should be busier ourselves, doing more with our lives if we feel we aren’t busy enough? The cult of busyness is draining, because if you’re not rushing around like a lunatic, you’re not doing enough as part of the cult of ‘busy’. What happened to having a well-ordered life that included thinking, dreaming and relaxation? I actually find this manic approach to life and always having to be ‘on’ and busy exhausting, and I don’t want to be part of this hectic, manic cult. I say ‘cult’, as it feels at times to be successful in life you have to be super busy and sign up for a life that never slows down.

There are moments in life that are naturally busy and it’s more of a juggle just trying to fit everything into your day before you collapse into bed, exhausted.

I don’t know about you, but I am no good when my mind is jumbled, trying to get to everything that needs to get done. Nothing gets done that well and it takes much longer to just quieten down my thinking and relax. In our feature from Emily Joyce, ‘Tender Loving Self-Care’ on page 42, she examines the reality of self-care and what we really need to be doing in this ‘busy’ world we live in. We aren’t talking about lighting a scented candle and having a cup of herbal tea, but rather changing behaviours that have a real, sustainable impact on your life.

I appreciate we all have responsibilities, and they do mount up. And with deadlines looming, things can feel more urgent. Things sometimes require more of you at a time when you have less to give. Perhaps what you find the hardest is saying ‘no’ to someone that is expecting you to do something? Thriving on being busy and taking more on isn’t always the best decision – it’s the art of saying ‘no’ and creating a more balanced life, deciding on what is a real priority and being realistic with what can be achieved.

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