Indulge in the best of both worlds


Indulge in the best of both worlds
Cheese and coffee meet as we blend Nespresso with Whitestone Cheese.

Take one perfect capsule of Nespresso, a sliver of Whitestone Cheese, and let the flavours emerge. Franco Sessa from Whitestone Cheese says, “when two good things are paired together, it has to be good.” How right he is, as MiNDFOOD trials what will soon be the trend everyone wants a piece of – coffee and cheese matching.

Bold flavours

Nespresso: Dulsao do Brasil – a single origin. Its satiny smooth, balanced flavour is enhanced with a note of delicately toasted grain.

Perfect match: Whitestone Aged Airedale – a full-bodied flavour profile with a strong-to-sharp finish that intensifies with maturity.

Flavours: The cheese’s buttery and mellow flavour works perfectly with the aromatic and caramelised toasted grain profile of Dulsao do Brasil.

Ideal Coffee: Americano or long black (using two capsules).


Fruity Appeal

Nespresso: Rosabaya de Colombia – single origin. A blend of fine Colombian Arabicas. It develops a subtle acidity with typical red fruit and wine notes.

Perfect match: Whitestone Lindis Pass Brie – a high-moisture brie cheese.

Flavours: A delicious match – the Rosabaya is reminiscent of wine with notes of wild berries. Its acidity profile complements the French-style soft ripened Lindis Pass Brie beautifully.

Ideal coffee: Cappuccino.


Rich & Luscious

Nespresso: New Ristretto Decaffeinato. Intensely roasted and rich in flavour.

Perfect match: Whitestone Vintage Windsor Blue – an intense flavour profile of full-bodied creamy blue, with a sharp salty and buttery finish.

Flavours: This coffee is the perfect companion for the strong and rich cheese flavour. Chocolate notes make this coffee a must with blue cheese for an indulgent match made in heaven.

Ideal coffee: Espresso or corretto (as an after-dinner indulgence).


Sweet & Spice

Nespresso: Indriya from India – single origin. A distinct full-bodied espresso with notes of spices.

Perfect match: Whitestone Vintage Five Forks – made with 50/50 goat’s and cow’s milk. This pressed cheese develops pineapple nutty flavours with a sweet finish that is enhanced with ageing.

Flavours: Five Forks works magnificently with Indriya – the coffee’s cocoa and spicy bouquet notes are intensified with each sip.

Ideal coffee: Macchiato with cream.


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