Twitter helps three abandoned children reunite with their mother


Image via Abhishek Shukla
Image via Abhishek Shukla
Three children have been reunited with their mother after being abandoned by their father in a train station

Twitter has helped to reunite a mother with her three children after their father abandoned them at a Delhi train station.

Concerned passengers tweeted photos of the three children – Rumana, seven, Raja, five, and four-year-old Sanya – who were huddled together after it was first picked up by Abhishek Shukla, a journalist with the Press Trust of India.

Shukla’s tweet was re-tweeted 254 times.

“Can someone help these helpless kids at New Delhi Railway Station near platform 16 entrance,” he wrote, adding that he had already called the police and Childline India.

The children were taken to police where they said to police that their father had taken them from their mother’s house allegedly telling them, “Stay here till your mother finds you.”

Police then took the children to their neighbourhood where the children identified their home.

Madhur Verma, the Deputy Commissioner of Police for Delhi’s northern district, told reporters that the children were handed back to their mother and were “happy” and safe.

An investigation into the children’s abandonment continues.

The Independent reports that there are up to 12 million orphaned and abandoned children in India.


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