Is This The Dream Diet?

Is This The Dream Diet?
Want to achieve your weight loss goals? Improve your mood first.

Living a more fulfilled, enjoyable life can go a long way towards helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. Australia’s own Professor Timothy Sharp, known as “Doctor Happy”, says we need to feel good about ourselves before we can reach our ideal weight. Kickstart your dieting journey with his top ten tips.

  1. Imagine a positive vision of the future where you’re living a fulfilling, active and flourishing life.
  2. Imagine your best possible self. Who would you like to become?
  3. Start living as though you’re at your best now by scheduling positive and inspiring activities into your life.
  4. Plan activities that aren’t just pleasurable but require effort and mastery. This will increase the amount of satisfaction you get out of them.
  5. Be mindful of negative thoughts. Develop and cultivate realistic and optimistic thoughts.
  6. Build confidence by trying something new – and believe you can do it.
  7. Rather than trying to fix weaknesses, focus on your strengths and then build on these.
  8. Positively redefine your relationship with food and exercise. Try to make physical activities fun.
  9. Enlist the support of encouraging friends and family.
  10. Build positivity by being appreciative. Dwell on the good things in your life and the world around you.

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