Iconic English Milliner to Attend Melbourne Cup

Emirates will be hosting one of the biggest names in millinery at this year’s Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Iconic English Milliner, Stephen Jones OBE, will attend the Emirates Marquee on Derby Day, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day and Oaks Day, to unveil a breathtaking display of iconic headwear from his career. “My selection of headwear, handpicked for display in the Emirates Marquee, really is a fun representation of some of my key pieces, shipped over especially from my workshop in Covent Garden, London,” Jones says.

Jones, who’s considered one of the world’s most influential milliners, has designed for the Royal family including Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, as well as for celebrities such as BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Nicole Kidman. As well as designing for his star-studded clientele, Jones has created hats for the catwalk shows of leading fashion designers including John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood.

Five Minutes with Lupita Nyong’o

What makes a woman remarkable?

I think a sense of knowing who she is and accepting her femininity and not being afraid of it. You know, owning it and using it the best way she knows how.

Tell us more about this energy that makes you incredibly beautiful. Where does it come from?

I feel most beautiful when I’m honest and gentle with myself. I think that comes from my upbringing. My parents in particular. They were very big on us embracing ourselves the way we were. And us figuring out what our strengths were and what our weaknesses were and having both those speak for the development of ourselves.

What makes a Lancôme woman exceptional?

What makes a Lancôme woman exceptional is that she’s comfortable in her own skin and knows how to look after it.

What is youth for you?

I think youth is facing life with a sense of curiosity and a sense of humor as well. Being able to recognize that life can be very challenging but finding the things that make it worth living.

What is aura for you?

Aura is obviously the glow that comes from somebody. What they exude. And sometimes it can be very close to the skin, and other times it can bounce beyond the walls, and radiate beyond the walls depending on who it is, I suppose.

What is your beauty secret?

My beauty secret.The thing about a beauty secret is that if I share it, it’s no longer a secret. But sometimes secrets are worth sharing, so I’ll say that my beauty secret is Génifique serum. What makes a woman luminous?

I think what makes a woman luminous is knowing who she is and being confident with it. Also recognizing her fears but still acting out of courage and a sense of daring. I think that’s what makes a woman luminous.