Garden of Love

By Judy Phillips

Garden of Love
This loving husband spent three years planting thousands of flowers for his wife who was losing her sight.

Mr and Mrs. Kuroki had made a life in rural Japan, where they and their two children had a dairy, until one day when tragedy struck.

Mrs Kuroki developed a diabetes related complication, leading to an irreversible loss of eyesight that crippled her both physically and emotionally.

Her husband, noticing his wife’s sudden withdrawal from their usual activities and general family life, decided something must be done, if he was to see his wife smile again.

To do this, he began the arduous task of planting thousands of flowers around their rural property. He hoped that the beautiful scents of the blossoms would entice his wife outside, helping her to enjoy the sunshine and company of her family, as well as reverse her dwindling mental health.

Now, two years and thousands of flowers later, their story is a testament to the power of love and devotion.

Shintomi Machiyakuba

Shintomi Machiyakuba



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