A simple life

By Kate Hassett

A simple life
Start the new year right by simplifying your life.

The new year is well and truly upon us and with it comes a new list of to-do’s and an ever-expanding collection of things.

Do you find that as the years go by, your ability to get rid of the old, to make way for the new, diminishes? Holding on to things is akin to holding onto emotions, memories and experiences. It is for this reason that many of us find it so hard to throw away or discard items that have been taking up room in our lives for far too long.

Instead of waiting until spring for that de-cluttering spree, why not start your year right by bringing simplicity into your life and making room for a new start?

Detox your inbox

It sounds simple, but an overwhelmingly cluttered inbox can be a red flag for other aspects of your life. Do you find that your mailbox is filled with junk mail, sale offers and invites to discount hours you will never attend? Instead of just deleting these unwanted emails and newsletters, unsubscribe and see how quickly your inbox feels cleaner. You are then setting yourself up for a clean year ahead where everything you need is all in the one place and you’re not fighting to make sense of chaos.

Let the good times scroll

Deleting social media may be a step too far for many, but have you ever considered regulating and controlling your feed to keep negativity, selflessness and unwanted ‘friends’ out of your line of vision? Do you have 700 friends but only speak to a handful? Are you constantly appalled at the statements of a distant ‘friend’? The new year is the best time to reorganise your social media. Follow what/who is important to you and reflect on what it is you really want to see when you sign on.

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Learn to let go

Go through all your stuff and be ruthless with your culling. Donate what you can or regift what you don’t want. By minimising clutter (and waste) you are setting yourself up for a productive and organised year ahead. You will soon see how freeing simplicity really is.

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Shake it off

Simplifying your life isn’t just about letting go of material things. Mental de-cluttering and forgiveness is also an important factor in bringing simplicity into your life. Try and place your focus on positive thinking. Rather than self-deprecating, damaging comments, aim to empower yourself and others with what you say. Practice forgiveness and self-appreciation for a positive start to the new year.

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How will you simplify your life this year?


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