How to Wear Yellow This Summer

Love the vibrant colour but not sure how to pull it off? Here’s how to wear yellow.

Yellow might be one of those colours that have traditionally been thought of as tricky to wear. But considering the colour yellow is associated with creativity and happiness, it’s definitely a colour that we want to see more of in our wardrobe this summer. Thankfully the runways at New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion Weeks – as well as the accompanying street style – served up plenty of inspiration on how to work this vibrant shade into your wardrobe. Here are our favourite tips for how to wear yellow this coming season.


If the thought of jumping in the deep end and embracing a head-to-toe canary yellow look puts you off the cheeriest of colours, start by working some yellow-toned accessories into your wardrobe. Considering summer is well and truly on the way, a vibrant sun hat is the perfect accessory for sun-dappled days. Thinking about investing in some yellow arm candy? Our current pick is this vibrant little number by D LY P.

how to wear yellow


Whether it is a bold head-turning print or something slightly more understated, opting for a print in our favourite vibrant hue is a great way to wear yellow this summer. Dainty florals prints in yellow are perfect for daywear and if you’re looking for something other than a little black dress for the upcoming festive season, turn to the runway for all the inspiration you need to wear yellow after the sun goes down.


Not sure whether you’re more of a pastel yellow or fluorescent yellow fan? Fortunately this season there’s an abundance of different shades of yellow coming through in current spring and summer collections. If you’re still not sure where to start, think about picking a shade that will complement your skin tone. All shades of yellow will flatter darker skin tones, while medium and olive skin tones are better suited to piquant bright shades. If you’re on the fairer side you might want to start out with softer pastel hues.

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