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How to use a face oil: Expert facialist explains how new arrival gives skin a lasting glow


How to use a face oil: Expert facialist explains how new arrival gives skin a lasting glow
A new face oil is the first product from new NZ skincare brand The Facialist, created by the founder of the popular boutique skin clinic of the same name.

Ashleigh Scott has long been a fan of face oils.

The skin expert and holistic facialist founded her business, central Auckland skin clinic The Facialist in 2014, delivering nourishing, reviving bespoke facials that are a mix of indulgence and results. As such natural, plant-based products and oils have played a key part in her sought-after treatments.

The Facialist has also become a go-to for its retail selection of the world’s best clean and natural skincare brands. To support her growing skincare lineup offering the likes of Josh Rosebrook, Tata Harper and Emma Lewisham, several years ago Scott founded her own line, Tribeca Skin Tonics.

During the pandemic’s early stages in 2020, the line was paused as Scott focused on her core business and her two young children. Since then, she says she’s regularly been asked about one of her products in particular, a vitamin-rich face oil that was a best-seller.

Fast forward to 2022 and Scott has just released a new face oil, this time under a new brand that aligns with the rest of her business.

GLOW facial oil is the first of a natural skin care collection under The Facialist brand.

“This really is just the beginning,” says Scott.

“Multiple paths aligned to led us here, but most prevalently it was about meeting the demand.  Since stepping back from our original skincare brand Tribeca, our customers have not stopped asking for the coveted face elixir. We have reimagined it, reformulated it to be better than before, and I can’t wait to hear their results.”

The potent yet lightweight multi-tasking blend is rich in essential fatty acids to support the skins natural healing process and high in natural vitamins A, C & E to assist cell renewal and help to repair and revitalise the skin.

We asked Scott to explain how a face oil can be included in a skincare routine, why it can be beneficial and what makes GLOW face oil special.

Why launch a face oil and how is it different from your previous one?
The Facialist Glow is a new and improved version of our bestselling Tribeca Glow Oil. Ever since winding down Tribeca two years ago, we’ve seen a gap for this product and have been inundated with requests to bring it back. This version remains similar to its roots with some added oils to increase efficacy.

Were there specific ingredients or additions you were intent on including?
We have some beautiful new additions to this oil, including Rosehip and Pomegranate. Known for high levels of natural vitamin A & C and essential fatty acids.

What misconceptions do you think people have about face oil and its use?
That only people with dry skin need to use one. Everyone can benefit from using a face oil. On a dry skin it will add lipids and nourish and plump the skin, on an oily skin it will help to rebalance and even out oil production. Sensitive skins can also really benefit from their healing and ability to repair and rebuild the skin.

What do you wish people knew about using one?
To avoid an oily feeling on the skin, oils are best applied on damp skin or directly on top of other products. When applied to dry skin, they will sit on the surface and leave a greasy feeling. Applying to damp skin allows for deeper penetration and will stop you feeling oily.

Where does it fit in a routine for morning and evening that also involves a number of other products?
The beauty of it is its versatility. If you like to keep a simple routine, or if you have sensitive skin, Glow can be used on it own as your moisturiser. If you already have a skincare routine, you would use glow as your last step, on top of moisturiser, or mix a couple of drops into your moisturiser.

How do you use it in your routine?
I use Glow every evening massaged on top of my night cream. I like the extra layer. In the morning I will mix a drop or two into my moisturiser.



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