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How to unwind in 48 hours

How to unwind in 48 hours

Make the most out of your weekend and recharge in just 48 hours with these simple tips.

How to unwind in 48 hours

We all know that the experience of thinking about the weekend can far outweigh the reality of what awaits. More often than not, weekends serve as 48 hour period in which you cram everything you had no time to complete during the week, into just a few days.

While the weekend never seems long enough to unwind properly, these simple steps are guaranteed to provide the comfort and relaxation necessary to begin the new week again.

Walk it off

The first rule of decompressing from a hectic week is letting go. Simply falling into a heap on the lounge won’t trip the ‘off switch’ in your brain. Instead, engaging in physical exercise, is the ultimate way to clear your head and prepare your body for the relaxation ahead.

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Treat yourself

A well delivered massage can do wonders for our overall health. Studies show that a proper massage can release the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin and reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

The benefits of hot stone massage.

Soak it up 

If you have the pleasure of having a bath in your house then this is the ultimate way to recharge your batteries for next week.

Draw a hot bath and fill with epsom salts and relaxing scents like lavender to create a stress-free environment.

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Get your fill

By resetting your weekly eating habits to healthier, more nourishing options, the weekend allows for the perfect time to clean up your act. Use the weekend to cook wholesome and nutritious meals for the week ahead and make healthy snacks.

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