How to style the perfect coffee table

What’s on your coffee table right now? Tips for styling your coffee table that will lift the entire room.

When it comes to styling your coffee table, think big impact with little effort. Considering it’s a small surface in the scheme of things, styling your coffee table can greatly complement your living space. Consider these 7 tips:

Maintain balance

Nothing makes for a cluttered surface faster than a large collection of small knick-knacks. Contrastingly, displaying only large items can look heavy and cumbersome. To keep your coffee table balanced, vary the scale of display items and stack or group like objects together.

Isabel Ettedgui Apartment – Chester Square

Composition is key

This is probably the most tricky thing to get the hang of. The key is to think about how all the items in a vignette work together as a whole. Sometimes they’ll connect through colour, sometimes style, sometimes shape, and sometimes theme. Once complete the entire display will read as one unit, with each item fitting together with those around it.

Joris van Apers – Ghent House

Layer it

Books, a tray, coasters and maybe a beautiful ornament that you’ve picked up on your travels can all assist with creating layers on your table which can create a sense of interest. Similar textures can look flat so if you’re finding you’re lacking contrast try mixing materials such as a natural woven basket, concrete decorative piece or a glass vase to add some different elements to your table.

Look to the larger room

Coffee table displays don’t exist in isolation. They need to work with the other items in the room. Keep this in mind when selecting the perfect table and the items you place on it.

Keep it low

As a general rule, when creating a coffee table display you should never have anything so tall that it obstructs the view of people sitting on either side of the table. 

Consider all angles

When it comes to coffee table styling remember to take a 360 approach. A coffee table is often placed in a central area of a room, so people can see it from all angles. Try to avoid using things that don’t look good from all sides. For instance, if you put a picture frame on a coffee table someone will have to look at the back of it.

That one special piece

Include a focal piece that you will ‘build’ your design around. It could be an unusual item that sparks conversation, something that’s got a unique shape, or something much brighter than the other items.

Remember, that styling is a way to express your personality, which serves as a perfect foundation for finding the theme for your coffee table. 

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10 things you never knew about ‘Grand Designs’

Who is the Hollywood mega-fan of Grand Designs? 10 things you never knew about TV’s favourite home show.

Presented by designer and writer Kevin McCloud, the British television series Grand Designs, each episode, follows different people who have set out to pursue their vision of a dream home by building it themselves.

We take a look at some interesting facts about this innovative show:

  1. Each episode of Grand Designs takes at least a year to film. However, one build took 10 years.
  2. Presenter Kevin McCloud has never seen a fully finished episode as he refuses to watch himself on TV.
  3. McCloud often improvises his famous monologues on the day of filming.
  4. He was a member of the famous Cambridge Footlights drama society alongside Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.
  5. He is a trained building historian and works part-time for the Society of the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He founded his own architectural consultancy HAB in 2007 (the initials stand for Happiness, Architecture, Beauty).
  6. 2019 will see the 20th anniversary of the inaugural episode of Grand Designs.
  7. McCloud was diagnosed with asthma at age 16 and is about to present the show’s first ‘healthy house’.
  8. In Germany the show is called Der Weg Zum Traumhaus, which translates to The Road To A Dream House.
  9. McCloud has only ever visited Ikea once. He bought a rug.
  10. Meryl Streep is a self-confessed Grand Designs “addict”.
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