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How to store perfume: 5 tips to help your bottles last longer


How to store perfume: 5 tips to help your bottles last longer
Does your bathroom vanity feature perfume bottles kept within easy reach? You may wish to reconsider.

Are you a signature-scent sort of person or do you curate a selection of perfumes to pick and choose between to suit your mood?

Regardless of how you use perfume, you’ll know each bottle doesn’t come cheap. That’s why preserving each drop until your ready to spritz just makes good sense.

Unfortunately though, perfume doesn’t come with storage instructions, and many without even an obvious expiration date, (on average, an open fragrance can last about two to three years) which means some of us could be affecting the longevity of our bottles.

It turns out, how you store your bottles can have a big impact on the longevity of each composition. Not keeping them in an ideal environment can cause the molecules to evolve and degrade, changing how it smells and how it lasts on skin.

How to tell your perfume has gone bad? Your nose will offer the first clue. If it doesn’t smell quite the same way it did when you first bought it, it’s time to toss. Top notes are usually the first to be impacted, so consider how it smells when you first spray it. Another indication that perfume has expired is discoloration of the liquid from its original colour, meaning the liquid has oxidised. However, in tinted bottles this can be harder to tell.

1. Keep out of direct sunlight

It may be tempting to keep those beautiful glass bottles on a dresser by the window, catching the light and reflecting it across the room like a tiny chandelier. However direct light, in particular the effect UV rays can have, is one of the biggest enemies of precious and delicate fragrance molecules.  Instead, keep them well away from direct light. You could try a drawer or a dedicated self inside your closet to display your perfume.

2. Keep away from heat and moisture

Judging from social media displays of beautiful and trending scents, the bathroom counter or shelves are another popular place to keep perfume. It may be tempting to keep them nestled amongst stylish skincare bottles and tubs and alongside makeup-laden storage compartments, but the steam and heat from baths and showers will also cause your perfume to degrade more quickly. Choose care over convenience and find a more suitable spot.

3. Store at a consistent temperature

Avoiding heat means it can seem like keeping bottles in the fridge is a good idea, but experts are split on whether this is beneficial or detrimental. Instead, many agree a cool, dark and dry place that doesn’t get too hot OR too cold is the best place for storage.

4. Avoid shaking the bottle

Fragrance compositions are complete and don’t require further ‘mixing’ by upending or shaking. In fact, this may introduce more air to the formula which can accelerate the breakdown of the scent.

5. Avoid air exposure

Keep the lid on your bottle and if you do decant into another vessel, replace bottle lids straight away. New refill bottles of perfume are now regularly available with special decanting tips designed to ease the process and minimise the liquid’s exposure to air.


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