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5 ways to stand out at a job interview in 2020

5 ways to stand out at a job interview in 2020

5 ways to stand out at a job interview in 2020

Want to know how to stand out at a job interview in 2020 and impress potential employers?

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about swift blows to the workplace, with job losses at an all-time high.

For many people, it may be the first time in awhile they’ve had to step back into the job market and interview for jobs again.

The way people conduct job interviews has changed a lot in the past few years, as technology, modern skillsets and workplace culture has adapted and evolved.

So, how do you prepare for a job interview in 2020 and how can you make yourself stand out amid the competition?

We speak Mykel Dixon, an author and creative leadership expert who works with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, about how to ace a job interview in 2020.

1. Virtual job interviews: the dos and don’ts

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most job interviews are conducted virtually.

“While some of the intimacy might be lost due to the screen, there are hidden advantages to a digital job interview,” says Dixon.

“Of course, you need to dress your best but in a virtual interview this extends beyond your outfit.”

This means ensuring you have good lighting (near a window is best), good audio (an external mic is better) and your webcam is positioned correctly (eye line).

“By carefully curating your backdrop and designing a visual atmosphere to present yourself in, can set you apart from your competitors,” explains Dixon.

“How could you express your best self visually in the space around you? Sure, you need to nail the interview, but it can’t hurt if you’re visually the most memorable.”

2. What you should research before an interview

One common hindrance to success at job interviews is not doing enough research. Dixon’s key advice? Research more.

“Go above and beyond to find out as much as you can about the company or the people interviewing you,” he says.

“Look for them in the media, read interviews or op-ed pieces about them, and talk to their current employees or clients.”

This isn’t about simply name dropping or to show you’ve done your homework.

“Do it to give you a deeper understanding of what they need. Think long and hard about how you can add value beyond what’s on the job description,” says Dixon.

“If you can articulate how your unique skillset or experience can help them solve their most immediate challenges, your value as a candidate skyrockets.”


3. Ask lots of questions

“In my honest opinion, the more questions you can ask during an interview, the better,” says Dixon.

“You won’t just get important information straight from the horses mouth, you’ll demonstrate your initiative, enthusiasm and attention to detail.”


4. Interview questions that will help you stand out

The following questions are a good place to start:

  • Will I have an opportunity to meet the person who currently works in the role I’m interviewing for?
  • How long does the recruitment process usually take, from this conversation until an offer is made? And what is required of me throughout the process?
  • What haven’t you seen in my resume, references or our conversation today, that you’d need to see to make me an offer?

5. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity

“As software continues to swallow the most routine and repetitive parts of our job, work is becoming less about getting things done and more about doing things differently,” says Dixon.

“Creativity is the art of finding and forming new value that is both original and useful. Pretty soon, that will be the only work left for humans to do.”

Companies will look to people with an appetite for the “new and the next”.

“Those who have an insatiable curiosity and a bias for action. Those who are brave enough to bring all of their unique potential to work, all of the time. Is that you?”


Mykel Dixon is an award-winning speaker, creative leadership advisor and event curator. He works with leaders and teams of fortune 500 and ASX 200 listed companies to unleash breakthrough creativity.

His latest book Everyday Creative: A Dangerous Guide To Making Magic At Work is now available.

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