Snap out of it


Snap out of it
How to beat a bad mood in four simple steps.

When a bad mood takes hold it can feel impossible to snap out of it. Some days everything can be going just fine until one little thing can change the way you feel immediately.

Here are some of the best ways to shake it off and keep your bad mood at bay.

Eat mindfully

Blood sugar levels can be a major contributor to how our mood is affected. By keeping your blood sugar levels regular you can avoid saying and doing things we all do when affected by the dreaded ‘hanger’. Start with a protein packed breakfast complete with good fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer and avoid sugar crashes. Bring healthy snacks to work or keep them in the kitchen for when you need them. Most importantly, avoid processed sugar altogether.

Here are the best foods for your mood. 

Keep breathing

Slowing down your breathing can active the parasympathetic system, reversing the ‘panic’ or frustration that can come with shallow breathing. Breathe slowly through your nose, holding the breath in your belly before letting it out slowly through the mouth.

Just Smile

Your body language speaks volumes to those around you. Learning to adopt a powerful physical stance in any given situation can have a direct impact on the confidence you feel.

By just lifting your head high, adjusting your posture and focusing on your outward projection, your mood is subconsciously changed for the better.

Shifting your body and expression into a power pose can shift the level of power (as measured by courage and confidence) you feel in any situation. It can also help you to communicate more confidently and influence people more powerfully.

So whether you’re feeling very angry or anxious, take a minute to pay attention to your body and how you’re holding yourself physically.

Calm your worried mind

According to Dr Marc Cohen, Professor of Complementary Medicine at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, when your response to an event is negative or ‘stressful’, your blood pressure rises, platelets become stickier, white blood cells mobilise and cortisol levels increase.

Meditation is an easy way to confront these demons and actively seek to readjust your mindset, and calm your body as a whole.

Whilst it can be hard to tune out negativity, or excitement and overstimulation, factoring meditation into your day can make dramatic improvements to your mental wellbeing.

Try our quick tips for incorporating meditation into your everyday life. 




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