How to redecorate without going shopping


How to redecorate without going shopping
In the mood to redecorate, but cost of living crisis putting a dampener on your dreams?

 There are plenty of ways to make your living spaces feel fresh without spending more money. 

Here are some tips for giving your interiors a refresh without heading out to the shops.


You can make your home feel like a brand new space if you rearrange your furniture. If you have the space, try pulling couches away from the walls and repositioning them. This can make the space feel larger. Try placing it in the center of the room and position your console or sideboard behind it. Then, cover the surface with frames and decorative objects. 

Read up on feng shui and use it to inform the layouts of each room.


Got homewares in storage? Now is a great time not only to go through them and see what you can get rid of once and for all, but also to see what you can bring back out on display.


Move artwork, accessories and even rugs from one room to another to freshen up your home and repurpose what you have.

If you have a television as a focal point in your living space, consider removing it and placing it elsewhere, and installing an artwork in its place.


Use the design principle ‘the rule of three’ and gather items like plants, coffee table books or decorative objects into groups of three for a visually pleasing effect that interior decorators often use.


Think about the function each item is serving, and it if could be put to a different, or better use. For example, as stool could be used a bedside table or for storage in the bathroom.


If you have art materials in your house, consider creating something new. If you have inexpensive canvases try painting them or sculpt a new piece of artwork for your home.

Rethink lighting

Swap around your lighting situation. For example, move floor and desk lamps to new areas or even just commit to using them, rather than relying on overhead sources to create a different mood in your home.

Lighting candles can significantly contribute to a calming mood. It can also add another layer of sensory appeal by elevating the scent in your home if the candle is fragranced.


Consider surface spaces and shelves, and try moving things around. Put some items away in storage and move others to a more prominent position.

Try a different storage arrangement for books, like stacking some on top of each other as well as slotted spine-out. Organising books by colour scheme is another option to play with. Placing plants at different levels on shelves also changes the aesthetic of the room.

Remove some larger books from the shelf and place on a coffee table instead.


Take the time to get rid of unnecessary clutter around the house to create a cleaner living space that feels more spacious.


Discovered tins of paint when you were working through the home? Put them to use by painting to give dated furniture and accessories a much-needed lift. White can freshen many spaces while a touch of colour in smaller areas gives a vibrant update.


Check your garden for plants or flowers that can be cut and placed in a vase to liven up living areas.

Take small cuttings and use them to grow new plants that can be placed around your home. Use them in unexpected places like the bathroom or entry way to change the feel of the space.


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