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‘How To’ Recreate The Brow Collection

By Veet Beauty Director Amy Erbacher

From left to right: The Bambi, The Cara, The Jennifer
From left to right: The Bambi, The Cara, The Jennifer
What have The Cara, The Jennifer and The Bambi have in common? They are all brow looks that are band on trend for 2014. We share top tips for how to recreate these perfectly groomed brow looks at home.

Rule of Thumb- Foundation For Classic Brows 

Perform the Veet 3 point rule prior to any styling:

1. With pencil or brow brush, line this up directly with your nostril (nasal fold) – that’s where your eyebrow should start and make a small point.

2. Continue with tool and place at the end of the nasal fold and angle tool to the centre of your iris this is where your eyebrow should arch.

3. Then take tool to the outside corner of eye and leave a mark. That’s where your eyebrow should end.

NB: Most people’s brows are not symmetrical – it’s a must to follow VEET 3 Step Brow Points to create symmetrical brows.

Once the 3-step rule has been applied, using your selected tool place under the brows to see if the start and end of brow align with each other. Before you go ahead and wax the brow, in swift feathery movements lightly fill in the brows with a brow pencil.

It’s important to check the pencil line underneath and just on top of the brow are filled in as this balances the brow and a guide line for you to follow incase you take too much off the brow.

Brush upward after drawing your desired eyebrow shape, use a brow brush or comb to brush brow hairs up for a lift and volume.

My waxing tool of choice is Veet’s Precision Facial Wax & Care (RRP $15.99). It is a unique 2-in-1 warm wax system wand that has been specially developed for the removal of unwanted facial hair with the added benefit of after care. Designed with Precision Wax containing Almond Oil at one end and the Soothing Aftercare Cream containing Aloe Vera at the other, this easy-to-use tube also includes a slanted applicator to ensure the perfect amount of wax is applied exactly where you need it.



The Bambi is a true natural full brow. Brows are left unruly. This look names after Bambi Northwood- Blyth

Waxing Guide

• Keep brow simple and only wax and tweeze a few stray hairs underneath the brow.


• Start by brushing brows upwards with your brow brush for a natural shape.

• Apply brow gel; I like Laura Mercier- Brow Definer Gel (I applied a shade similar to models brow colour) to an angled brow brush and to the brows in feathery swift movements fill in the gaps of the eyebrows.  I find the gel gives a wet and fresh look. To finish I brushed the brows upwards, using a clear brow gel (Becca) to keep brows in place.


The Jennifer, the brows are softly, angled and are a thicker brow shape.  The angle isn’t too strong and not much of an arch in the brow. This look is named after Jennifer Hawkins


• The brow starts full and thick, and then tapers towards the temple. I didn’t take too much off the brow only where the arch starts to form and taper towards the temple.


• Brush eyebrows upward and groom into shape using a brow comb.

• To create more of a defined look under the brow, I applied a slightly darker shade of powder (I like the Mac brow powder brow set- 4 colours) can create a two-tone effect with this colour palate) using my brow-angle tool.  (Rae Morris has great brushes)

• I always find to tap a little excess off powder onto a tissue, so you don’t get that harsh line.  And remember not to press to hard on the brow, light feathery and swift movements to fill in brows.

• With a sharp brow pencil (I like Channel) continue to fill in the hairs with the direction of hair growth and to define the end of brow, where the brow tapers off towards the temple.

• To finish I lightly apply a clear brow gel to keep stray hairs into place.


The Cara is a modern brow icon of today. It is strong, bold brow. It’s the look of Cara Delevingne. Cara’s brows are her strongest feature on her face, brows are so dark compared to her blonde hair, and this creates a contrast and impression.


• Wax underneath the eyebrows to remove fluff, define the slight brow arch and tweeze out any stray hairs.


• With a brow brush, comb eyebrows upwards for a natural shape.

• In upward feathery strokes, to fill out the brow, I applied brow pencil that was a couple of shades darker then her natural brow colour.

• Key is to groom and postion brows.

• Apply a tinted eyebrow gel (Loving Benefit tinted brow gels- great to thicken brows) to create a contrast effect to your hair colour, in particualr if you are fair) opt for two to three shades darker then your natural brow colour.

• I applied this as I would mascara- place wand bottom of brow and gently lift  and wiggle up to the brow arch.

• To define the shape I applied pencil underneath the brow to thicken the brow and mimic the shape of Cara’s brow. I continued the penicl towards the end of the brow where the brow tapers towards the end of the eye.

• Apply a clear mascara wand brush through to finish brow. Careful the clear brow gel is to set this look. You don’t even have to apply it- just persevere and see how you go.

• If you want to achieve darker brows- add colour bit by bit, and slowly, so you don’t over do it.  If you make a mistake I find gently using your brow comb to brush it out.

• Less is more and you can always create a layering effect, apply a little colour at a time.

 TIP- Use a pointed cotton tip- it will erase any mistakes. Apply and spin the tip quickly and remove product, keep going over area until gone.

• Finsh- Clear eye brow gel- keep fresh!



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