How to make the most of leftovers: 8 delicious recipes to try


Ham & Spinach Picnic Pie | MiNDFOOD Recipes & Tips
Been busy in the kitchen and now stuck with extra food in the fridge? Don't bin or microwave those leftovers - opt for a fresh twist to turn last night's dinner into a new meal.

Put it in a pie

Pies are a wonderful way to use up leftovers. The great thing is that you can put pretty much anything in a pie – all you need is some filling, sauce and some flaky, buttery pastry to bring it all together.

If you’ve got leftover bolognese, meat or pasta sauce, just add whatever’s lying around to make a delicious filling – some vegas, spices, and sauce. Top it off with some pastry or mashed potato, pop it in the oven, and you’ve got a meal to savour.

Check out some of our favourite pie recipes for inspiration:

Ham & Spinach Picnic Pie

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Wrap it in a burrito

Another way to make the most of leftover meats and vegetables is to wrap them up in a warm tortilla into a burrito.

Make it a breakfast burrito by adding some scrambled eggs, or if wraps aren’t your thing, squish your filling between two tortillas, add some cheese and you’ve got a delicious quesadilla.

Try our favourite burrito recipes:

Spicy Burritos With Mince, Avocado & Beans

Fennel and Cumin Beef Wraps with Salsa Verde

Whip it into a soup

Now that we’re getting into the colder months, it’s the perfect time to get stuck into some soup recipes.

Leftover roast vegetables or chicken on the bone are ideal for making soups. You can either whizz up your vegetables with some stock in a blender, or make a broth out of leftover chicken.

Try these tasty soups:

Chicken & Barley Soup

5 Delicious Winter Green Soups

Autumn Vegetable Minestrone Soup With Garlic And Cheese Rolls

Get creative with your freezing

Freezing leftovers isn’t some clever new idea, but you might not have thought of all the ways you can freeze leftover food.

Big ice trays are super handy for freezing leftover cream, stock, or even spinach. When they’re ready to use again, you can simply pop them out and mix it into your food.


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