How To Make Friends As An Adult


How To Make Friends As An Adult
Making friends is an easy pastime during childhood, but as an adult, it's a much tougher game.

Forging friendships is as easy as heading to school each day as a child. But as an adult, there is far less scope to interact with likeminded or aged people.

Dr. Nava Silton, assistant professor of psychology at Marymount-Manhattan, names three essential variables in an adult’s quest for making friends. According to Silton, it comes down to:

  • proximity
  • similarity
  • intimacy

Other studies also place importance on spontaneity but, as Silton points out, it’s rare for adults to find themselves in a situation that contains all three of these variables.

If you’re on the hunt for new friends, experts suggest that your chances increase when you make repeating patterns. That is, taking up a regular hobby (like joining a book club or sports team), visiting the same coffee shop repeatedly, or going out with co-workers regularly.

Shared experiences are an effective way to pave the path to long-lasting adult relationships.

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