How to Look Good on a Video Call, According to Tom Ford

Tom Ford has offered his advice for how to look your best on camera during all those Zoom meetings and virtual house parties.

The fashion designer gave The New York Times “a masterclass in lighting”, to help journalist Maureen Dowd ahead of a FaceTime interview with comedian Larry David.

Here’s are Ford’s recommendations:

  1. Elevate the computer so the camera is slightly higher than your head. Ford recommends the camera is situated “about the top of your head”, and says to then point it “down into your eyes”.
  2. Place a tall lamp next to the computer “on the side of your face you feel is best”. He says the lamp should be “in line with and slightly behind the computer so the light falls nicely on your face”.
  3. Use a white tablecloth or put a piece of white paper on the table, out of sight. “It will give you a bit of fill and bounce”.
  4. Finally, Ford recommends “lots of powder, et voila!”

Of course, you can always make use of in-built filters on the app that you use. Zoom has an option to “touch up my appearance”. But if you want to be able to claim that you’ve gone ‘au naturel’, Ford’s tips could be the way to go.

M.A.C VIVA GLAM fund to donate $10,000,000 USD to help fight the COVID-19

Since 1994 M.A.C’s VIVA GLAM campaign has raised over $500,000,000 USD to help make a meaningful difference in the lives of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, M.A.C VIVA GLAM will donate $10,000,000 to 250 organisations around the world helping people who are at higher risk during the health crisis. 

The additional support from this donation will provide M·A·C Cosmetics’ new and existing partners with emergency COVID-19 relief funds to continue providing vital services, particularly to those who are immunocompromised.

M.A.C’s local New Zealand partner, Positive Women Inc., will also benefit from this donation as they continue to support women and families living with and affected by HIV.

“The VIVA GLAM grant this year is more significant than ever before as we manoeuvre through lockdowns, health concerns, and job insecurity due to COVID-19,” says Jane Bruning, National Coordinator of Positive Women Inc. “The fact that the VIVA GLAM Fund has removed
restrictions around what the grant needs to be used for is so important as it will enable us to focus on keeping our staff employed and supporting women and families living with and affected by HIV as needs develop during this very unsettling time.”

Additionally, VIVA GLAM will continue to raise money to support at-risk communities among women and girls, LGBTQ+ and those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. “VIVA GLAM has never been about one cause, but about support to vulnerable communities. It was created many years ago simply as a hardship fund for people who needed safety nets,” said John Demsey, Chairman of the M•A•C VIVA GLAM FUND & Executive Group President, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

“To leverage this 100% giving model to help people affected by COVID-19 is a continuation of the principles VIVA GLAM was founded on.”

To show your support, purchase any of the current shade of VIVA GLAM – you can purchase them online right here – or send a message of solidarity on Instagram by using #MACKissOfGratiftude.