How to look after your pets this summer


How to look after your pets this summer
Help your pet enjoy an active, energetic summer fuelled by the King Salmon in Omega Plus Pet Food.

Just as it is for humans, summer is a joyful time for our pets. They like to take advantage of warm days to embark on adventures, bask in the sun and, if they’re a dog, splash in the sea.

Your pet’s diet plays an important role during summer. This is a season when pets are particularly active – so it’s essential to support their bodily function and also to protect them from problems that can come with high temperatures. You can do this through the food you feed your fur babies.

Hydration is of utmost importance for pets during summer. In addition to ensuring their bowl is topped up with fresh water regularly, you might consider feeding your pets more wet food during the warmer months. With a higher moisture content than dry food, it can help to keep your pets hydrated. With pets’ appetite tending to decrease in hot weather, it pays to make sure they are getting the most out of the food they do consume. You can even add a supplement like Omega Plus King Salmon Oil to your pet’s bowl – loaded with powerful omega fatty acids, particularly omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, this liquid formula can help to supercharge the nutrition of their meals.

It may be tempting to share refreshing human foods like ice cream with your pets, however it’s important to resist the urge. While cooling fruits like watermelon (without seeds or rind) are fine to feed your dog or cat as the occasional treat, it’s best not to make it a regular habit.

The simplest way to support your pet during summer is to maintain a balanced diet of veterinary-approved pet food. By feeding them nutritious Omega Plus Pet Food, containing ingredients from natural sources and New Zealand King Salmon as the primary ingredient, you are giving your pets the best chance at enjoying a wonderful summer.

The Omega Plus range contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which supports brain health, skin and coat health, joint mobility, heart health, eye health, immunity, growth and behaviour. An Omega Plus diet is the perfect recipe for a healthy and energetic pet, ready to enjoy their summer frolics.

Omega Plus – The Salmon superfood for your pets.
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