How To Help Children With Video Game Addiction


How To Help Children With Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is becoming a real problem in children. Now, a new study by researchers at McMaster University, shows that some children and youth with high video game addiction tendencies may be at risk of sleep deprivation and disorders associated with obesity and poor cardio-metabolic health.

Professor Lea Waters, President of the International Positive Psychology Association and author of The Strength Switch, shares her advice on how to motivate a child who doesn’t put effort into anything but computer games.

“I’d do some detective work about what the child is finding motivating about the computer games. Games allow kids to learn new skills, be challenged, seek to get to the next level and, in some games, be social and be part of a team.

“Talk to your kids about their games and find out what they enjoy. This does a few things: you can see what motivates in the game, and then, you can create those motivating factors in other areas of the child’s life. When my kids were younger I used to create chores around different levels because my kids liked getting to the next level in their games (it gave them a sense of mastery and achievement).

“It shows your child that you are interested in their world and that you want to learn more about what they like which then builds up a positive relationship and this may help them to be motivated to do other things with you, aside from computer games.




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