How to headache-proof your home

By Carmarlena Murdaca

How to headache-proof your home
Home is where the headache is? Hopefully not. 

Even those who aren’t especially prone to pain can be susceptible to the triggers that hole up in the household. By controlling factors within your four walls, you’ll considerably cut down the number of headaches you have to endure. Here’s how:

Lower your lights

Overly bright lights can be a big problem for headache-sufferers. If you suffer from severe migraines, you’re probably extra sensitive to sensory input such as bright light from bulbs. Swap for incandescent bulbs or turn down the dimmer if you feel a headache simmering.

Ditch strong smells

Masking odours with scented candles and air fresheners can make your migraine worse, as many of these products contain the some “volatile organic compounds” that are in paint fumes. According to research, intense scents can irritate your trigeminal nerves which is responsible for most headaches also.

Allergen relief 

The main indoor allergens that trigger a headache are dust and mould, so if you’re allergic to either one, an allergy-free home is crucial. Invest in a home dehumidifier, wash all bedding once a week in hot water and vacuum multiple times a week with a filtered vacuum cleaner to help create a headache-free zone.


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