How to Get Glowing Skin in a Few Easy Steps

Forget about heavy layers of foundation that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling weighed down – this season is all about glowing skin and a ‘barely there’ approach to make-up. “This new ‘no makeup-makeup look’ can be challenging to achieve because for years we’ve been told to cover-up – and we’re still on autopilot,” admits Lochie Stonehouse, national make-up artist for YSL and Giorgio Armani New Zealand. In the constant pursuit of complexion perfection, Stonehouse believes many of us are following too many unnecessary steps. “We need to take the time to step back, re-think, and try to break our learned habits in regards to application,” he says. 

First Base

A more pared-back approach has become a common occurrence both on and off the runway, and Stonehouse believes that slowly but surely the definition of flawless in the beauty realm is finally being redefined. “Honest, raw beauty is being embraced,” he says. With this in mind, it makes sense that the best way to adopt the barely there approach to makeup is with your own bare skin. “Think of your bare skin as your natural existing make-up,” Stonehouse says. While it can be easy to pick up a foundation to hide imperfections, Stonehouse says it makes more sense to tweak your skincare so you don’t need to rely on make-up to cover up. “Instead of forking out on different foundations to ‘smooth’ skin, perhaps invest in an exfoliating toner or lotion to unclog pores and slough away dry skin,” Stonehouse suggests.


Less is More

When it comes to applying foundation Stonehouse recommends sheer to medium coverage if you have fairly clear skin. Those with blemish-prone skin should try a full-coverage conceal and strategically spot conceal. “This way you don’t need to wear full-coverage foundation all over the face,” Stonehouse explains. Application wise, to achieve radiant, barely there coverage Stonehouse recommends using your fingers. “This way you really feel where you’re applying the foundation, and as a result, you’ll end up using less,” he says. “Use your fingers to gently ‘glaze’ over the areas that need a little more love.” Avoid using circular buffing motions as Stonehouse says this can disturb any previously applied layers of skincare and create a patchy look. “For day-long longevity, I recommend a pressed touch-up powder for most people,” he says.


Get Glowing Skin

A hint of bronzer is the quickest way to give skin a sun-kissed look. “Lightly apply your bronzer where you would usually apply your blush and contour, and always apply to the temples and bridge of the nose,” Stonehouse says. For a believable bronzed goddess look, think about where you would usually tan and gently dust bronzer over these areas. “Never forget to check that the neck isn’t looking too pale in comparison,” Stonehouse explains.

Switching out powder-based eyeshadows in favour of a cream highlighter which can be gently pressed onto eyelids is perfect for a radiant yet understated beauty look. “It will reflect light into the eye area and open eyes up more than what any powder eyeshadow will ever do,” explains Stonehouse. “To minimise creasing, avoid applying the product to the crease – just place a tiny pop close to the lash line on the highest point of the lid.” Mascara, says Stonehouse, should be non-negotiable. “I always prioritise this over anything else on the eye. Always use a jet-black that will curl, define and open up the eyes.”

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The Luxurious La Prairie Foundation Collection That Will Change Your Skin

In pursuit of complexion perfection, La Prairie has combined the best of science and make-up artistry to create an offering like no other. We discover the innovation behind the latest additions to the luxurious La Prairie Skin Caviar Complexion Collection.

With a plethora of formulations to choose from, finding the dream foundation can certainly be tricky. A flawless complexion might be the goal for many when investing in a new foundation – however, today we expect much more than a formula that works by simply covering up any imperfections. Instead, we now want formulas that work to enhance the overall health of our skin.

It is this very notion that drives La Prairie’s ever-evolving complexion category. “The complexion category is a bridge between skincare science and make-up artistry,” explains Greg Prodromides, chief marketing officer of La Prairie. Rather than just viewing make-up as a way to hide imperfections to achieve that flawless, even skin tone, Prodromides believes that complexion products such as foundation, concealer and powder should improve skin over time and optimise the benefits of the skincare ritual.

Two exciting new additions to La Prairie’s Complexion Collection, Skin Caviar Loose Powder and Skin Caviar Powder Foundation SPF15, bring this philosophy to life. “These new products are more than just complexion products – they are a sublime blend between La Prairie’s unique caviar science and colour artistry,” says Prodromides. The Newcomers La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Powder Foundation SPF15 and Skin Caviar Loose Powder join their Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation – which is often touted as the holy grail of the foundation world – and glow-enhancing Skin Caviar Essence-In-Foundation, launched last year.

“We decided to extend our Skin Caviar Complexion Collection in order to offer the luxury of choice – not only in terms of skincare and coverage, but also in terms of texture,” Prodromides says. He explains that the Skin Caviar Loose Powder meets the demand for a feather-like powder that makes sure everything stays in place right around the clock. “It’s the final step to set make-up for a flawless finish and long-lasting coverage,” he explains. “It illuminates the complexion and sets make-up for an all-day youthful, natural, shine-free finish.” Some days call for a dewy, radiant finish, while others call for a more matte approach.

So while Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation is perfect for boosting luminosity, the second new addition to the range, Skin Caviar Powder Foundation, has been created for those who prefer a matte finish. “Skin Caviar Powder Foundation is more than a mere make-up product: it is the first powder foundation infused with Caviar Extract for complexion perfection,” Prodromides says. “It offers a smooth, even and homogenous medium coverage, which is buildable. It blends smoothly onto the skin with a very natural matte yet luminous look – giving a smooth and creamy feel to the skin, without any dryness,” says Dr Jacqueline Hill, La Prairie’s director: strategic innovation and science.

The Matte Formulas of the Future

Matte foundation formulas can often weigh down the skin, but Hill explains that the formulation has been expertly crafted to ensure a natural yet perfected complexion. “La Prairie’s art of formulation is about selecting the perfect blend of textures, advanced pigments and active ingredients,” she says. “Thanks to the careful selection of specific oils – including a shea butter derivative – and advanced finely-blended pigments, we created a formula with an easy-to-apply smooth and creamy texture that can be easily distributed and offers long-term coverage.” Once applied, Hill explains that the foundation gives skin a refined look. “Fine lines and wrinkles, redness and pores appear minimised,” she says. Likewise, Skin Caviar Loose Powder is also infused with all the skin-health-enhancing benefits of La Prairie’s renowned Caviar Extract. “It illuminates the complexion and sets make-up for an all-day youthful, natural and shine-free finish,” says Prodromides. To ensure you use the perfect amount of powder, the sleek packaging features a state-of-the-art closing system that prevents powder from coming out of the sieve.

La Prairie

Balancing the Best of Both Worlds
While both formulations offer the immediacy of a flawless complexion through make-up artistry and unique innovation, Hill explains that the La Prairie team selected ingredients that provided both short- and long-term benefits for users. “We included a blend of amino-acid treated pigments and soft-focus powder to conceal imperfections and even skin tone with a natural look –while offering a hydrating effect,” she says. The formulations also include moisturising hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain water on its surface; shea butter; and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex.

But it’s the iconic Caviar Extract that’s at the heart of the Complexion Collection. And it’s easy to understand why, given the caviar’s firming benefits. “We introduced caviar into Skin Caviar Powder Foundation and Skin Caviar Loose Powder in view of our desire to enhance the treatment benefits of the products and extend the benefits of caviar into the make-up part of the routine,” says Hill. “The two innovations are hybrid products, offering both complexion and skincare benefits in one. Our Caviar Extract has been shown to support the skin cells’ production of collagen and ceramides – which are known to improve the skin’s resilience and its barrier function.” 

The First Step to Complexion Perfection

Even cutting-edge make-up that uses game-changing skincare technology needs a helping hand – and starting with a prepped, healthy canvas is the best place to start. “There is no perfect skin or perfect complexion without perfect cleansing,” explains Dr Jacqueline Hill, La Prairie’s director: strategic innovation and science. “A perfectly clean skin allows for a smoother and more even application of make-up, as well as a longer-lasting result.” Hill says to avoid damaging the skin’s natural barrier or creating unwanted irritation, gentle cleansing is essential. “It is important to cleanse the face gently every day and remove make-up thoroughly in order to avoid the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads, which can occur due to occlusion.”

La Prairie has recently released two new cleansing creations – the Supreme Balm Cleanser and Crystal Micellar Water – to cater to different skin needs and lifestyles. “The Supreme Balm Cleanser offers an indulgent nightly ritual to help shed the day’s stress, remove make-up and leave skin perfectly clean, whilst the Crystal Micellar Water allows a total cleansing in a single gesture, so there is no need to compromise on a perfect cleansing due to a lack of time,” says Hill.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Powder Foundation SPF15 ($315) and Skin Caviar Loose Powder ($315) are available now from Smith & Caughey’s

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