How to Get Glowing Skin at Home

Our increasingly time-poor lifestyles mean that in-salon treatments are more of a luxury than a regular occurrence for many of us. Fortunately, we’ll be seeing more at-home treatments and devices that give spa services a run for their money. “We’ll see more products that require us to slow down and take a mindful approach to our self-care,” explains national training manager for MECCA Brands, Jacob Stanley. “Think of masks that require 20 to 40 minutes of being fully reclined and totally present and mindful while they work their magic. For products like these, a major part of their value proposition is to provide the necessary escape we need from our busy schedules. ” 

Stanley is also excited about at-home light-therapy devices that can be used on a daily basis. “LED treatments once a month at a clinic are great, but daily LED treatments at home offer a more consistent, and arguably more effective, road to results,” he says. “They’re safe, they’re effective, and the cost-per-use makes them very affordable. I have seen the results first-hand. It works, and the technology is getting really sophisticated,” he explains pointing to the recently launched Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro at-home device as a game-changer.

At-home treatments are also on the rise, and Tracy May-Harriott, global director of education for Elizabeth Arden PRO and Priori Skincare says they are the fastest growing part of home skincare routines. “Peels and masks are up there in the trend stakes and show no signs of slowing down.” She believes as these at-home treatment products rise in popularity, more brands will add them to their product lineup. While these skincare offerings will have their advantages, May-Harriott says it’s still going to be important to seek expert advice in the future. “The frustrating thing is that they’re not all created the same and not all equal. You need to choose wisely and with expert advice.”

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Florence Welch stars in Gucci’s new Jewellery Campaign

Just when you thought Florence Welch couldn’t possibly get any cooler, Gucci has gone and made her the face of its new advertising campaign for the house’s jewellery collections. 

Welch, who is well known for her ethereal, bohemian style, looks at home lounging on eclectic prints and luxurious fabrics surrounded by colourful furnishings and trinkets.

Gucci’s covetable rings, bracelets and necklaces from the Le Marché des Merveilles, Gucci Ouroboros, Gucci Flora and Dionysus fine jewellery collections and the House’s silver jewellery collection adorn Welch. 

It was photographer Colin Dodgson who has brought Alessandro Michele’s vision for the campaign to life. And it really doesn’t take much to see why the Italian fashion house handpicked Welch as the brand’s jewellery ambassador.

Welch previously told Vogue, “I haven’t really been an ambassador for something before, and to be honest I don’t think that it’s something that I would have even considered had it not been for Alessandro.” She added, “What he is doing is so up my street that it feels so natural for us to be working together.”