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How to Find Your Dream Fragrance


Find Your Dream Fragrance
Hunting for a new fragrance doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to find the fragrance of your dreams.

Hunting for a new signature scent – or perfume to add to your fragrance wardrobe – isn’t always easy. Which is why we’ve enlisted the help of an expert to help you find your dream fragrance.

It’s hard to deny that our love of fragrance has flourished in recent years. “People feel more confident to be individual and unique in their fragrance wearing,” says Benny Castles, WORLD designer and in-house fragrance expert. While the chance of getting your hands on a niche or boutique fragrance used to involve a trip across the Tasman or even further afar, Castles says those days are gone.

It’s now much easier for fragrance lovers to indulge in sought-after scents. “We have a large scope of choice and the ability to really take the idea of finding and wearing a scent that suits you and the occasion seriously,” he says. With more fragrances at our fingertips, we’re also rethinking the way we wear scent. “Rather than own one scent for eternity, we’re now thinking about scents for the day, the weekend, the evening and even special occasions.”

Although the fact we have more fragrance choice than ever is undeniable, the sheer number of mesmerising scents available hasn’t made finding the perfect one easier. We all want a one-of-a-kind fragrance that mirrors our own uniqueness more than ever before. “Not only do we have our own set of subjective tastes and interests when it comes to scent but we’ll all have our own associated memories,” explains Castles.

He says we need to be mindful of the fact that fragrances do have the remarkable power to elicit memories and even change our mood. It’s also important to remember that fragrance smells different from one person to the next. Everything from what you eat, to how much you perspire and your body temperature can alter how a fragrance smells. “When purchasing luxury and especially niche fragrances, you need to be aware that the natural fragrance oils will combine with your skin and the fragrance will become your own,” Castles explains. “This means that fragrances sometimes choose you as much as you choose them.” That’s why giving yourself a bit of time to actually try a fragrance on your skin is so crucial. “Give yourself a few minutes to see how the scent dries and reacts to your skin.”

Find Your Dream Fragrance

1. Amouage Love Tuberose (100ml EDP, $515). 2. Lubin Princesses de Malabar (100ml EDP, $399). 3. Annicke 3 By Eight & Bob (100ml EDP, $299). 4. Penhaligon’s Portraits Changing Constance (75ml EDP, $449). All from WORLD. Find your dream fragrance right here


Get a Helping Hand to Find Your Dream Fragrance

A passionate fragrance expert’s advice never goes amiss when hunting for the fragrance of your dreams – or a new scent or two to add to your fragrance wardrobe, which is part of the reason WORLD regularly hosts fragrance masterclasses in-store. Castles explains that WORLD was inspired by the enlightenment and education many of the company’s brand partners, fragrances creators and suppliers have shared with WORLD over the years.

“Our goal is to pass this learning onto our clients to give them the best possible position from which to buy a fragrance and enjoy it,” he says. “This has also allowed us to work with travelling perfumers, experts and educators, giving our clients access in a fun, relaxed setting the experience of working with these incredible people.” As much as we love and enjoy fragrances, Castles says it’s a topic we don’t often discuss.

“A masterclass offers guests a chance to interact, question and discuss fragrance, which is seldom done in our society. The classes are our way to build a little society of passionate, interested people who relish the opportunity to delve into one of their passions.” Castles says the thought of shopping and spending is pushed to the side to focus on education and discussion. “The freedom to try, be opinionated and ask for others’ points of view is what brings the classes to life! “In the end, you can take away learnings and new ideas about scent or you can take away a new scent – completely up to you. Our goal is to educate and help clients enjoy the olfactive experience.” 

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