Curved Design: How to Embrace This Year’s Biggest Interior Design Trend

Soften your styling with curves, from perfect circles to organic shapes. Curved lines also add interest, flow and movement to a space, helping the eye meander around the room.

Mirror Mirror

Hill House by Decus Interiors, Photography Anson Smart

Round mirrors are becoming a regular feature in bathrooms. In a room that often has many straight, hard-edge lines, a round mirror softens the design and makes a design statement.

To add extra interest a back-lit round mirror can provide soft lighting and oversized round mirrors can make a dramatic impact.


Eichholtz Puck Mirror,

Round and repeat

Toorak House by Lucy Bock Design Studio. Photography: Sharyn Cairns. Australian Interior Design Awards.

Lines have many functions in interior design. They can help to create the look of height, width and movement. To create a feeling of balance it’s good to have a combination of horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved lines.

Round shape adds a look of comfort and work well repeated through a space as seen in loungeroom of the Toorak House where curves are used in the armchair, side table, lamp, cushion and decorative items.


Platner lounge chair,

Helical Stairs

Tree House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, Photography Anson Smart

Curved/helical staircases have been around since Medieval times, designed to put attacking swordsmen at at disadvantage. Today that are used as an architectural statement, and a current favourite for interior designers.

While a curved staircase looks beautifully sculptural they are usually the most expensive type of staircase because they are the most challenging to build because of the curvature of the staircase and handrail, and the necessity to have different treads of different sizes and shapes.

Curved Pendant

Budge Over Dover by YSG, Photography Prue Ruscoe

A simple curved pendant provides an interesting focal point in the room and defines the space. When it comes to selecting the pendant size, material, colour and the height you hang the pendant are all important considerations for creating maximum effect.

If you are hanging a pendant over a dining table a designer’s tip is to choose a pendant that is a third of the table’s length, unless you want the pendant to be the feature and then you can go larger.

Hanging the pendant approximately 700mm above the table top is also recommended to allow enough space for people sitting at the table to not have their vision obstructed.


Gyro Chandelier from Coco Republic

Luxurious bathrooms

A freestanding round bath can look amazing and create a unique focal point. Traditionally a round tub is smaller and deeper, designed for sitting instead of lying down.

A round bath is a good option for certain type of bathroom layouts and with its rounded edges it softens the angles of the room and can create a spa-like atmosphere.

Casa Chiaroscuro by Biasol, Photography Derek Swalwell


Taizu Round Bath by Victoria & Albert

Colour trends inspired by Mother Nature

Bring the outside in with this satisfying range of Resene shades. From deep forest greens to earthy tones, discover and experiment with these colour trends that bring calm and comfort.


Mother Nature has a knack for creating harmonious colour combinations. Find inspiration in fresh flora and layer timber finishes and tone-on-tone Resene greens with pops of pink.

A colour palette that appears plucked from the garden is easy on the eye and brings harmony and balance to your living spaces. Enhance the beauty of timber grain with clear Resene finishes, or lightly rejuvenate colour with Resene Colorwood.


Unleash your inner artist and create your own artworks with splashes of your favourite Resene testpot colours, using sheen levels to delight the senses.

A matte finish such as Resene SpaceCote Flat will bring out the depth in your greens, or help fresher greens pop with a gloss finish such as Resene Enamacryl.



Firmly rooted in nature, you can’t go wrong with this key colour trend, whether you’re looking for boldness and depth or to create a sense of calm.

The earth, sea and sky often inspire the colours we use in our homes. They are, after all, colours we are innately familiar with and this makes them easy to live with.

This year, Resene’s nature-inspired palette flows in two directions. One family focuses around shades with boldness and depth, such as spicy ochres and untamed terracottas. The other is subtle and soothing, with hempy browns and hues of barely-there tussock.


To recreate the beauty of the outdoors inside your home, load your favourite nature photo into the Resene Colour Palette Generator at, and let it suggest a range of Resene colours to get you started.

If your natural scheme is looking lifeless, play with the texture and sheen levels. Timbers stained with grain-enhancing Resene Colorwood, subtle brushed Mediterranean textures created with Resene Sandtex, and the matte beauty of Resene SpaceCote Flat take things to a new dimension.


For more inspiration on fresh trends, see the latest looks on the Resene website and visit your Resene ColorShop. Please view a physical Resene colour sample before making your final choice.

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