How To Develop Courage


Strong confident brave woman
Fastrack your way to greater confidence with these 8 steps.

Confidence transforms the way we interact with people and how others perceive us. And while being confident looks and feels great, it isn’t always so easy. Try our eight tips for developing courage to create a bolder, happier you.

  • Say one true thing about yourself or express one genuine opinion every day. This could be anything from “I have a great smile” to “I did an amazing job on that project.”
  • Next time you catch up with a friend, tell them about a challenge you’re dealing with in your life. Not only will you feel more confident and at peace having done so, you are also strengthening that friendship by sharing personal stories.
  • Practice looking people in the eye when speaking to them. This might feel awkward or uncomfortable to begin with, however you will quickly get used to it. Looking someone in the eye during conversation creates a confident, powerful impression on those around you.
  • When you make a mistake, own up and apologise. We are humans and we all make mistakes at times. Accepting when you make a mistake allows you to move forward and shows a strength of character.
  • Ask someone for what you need or ask for help instead of forging on by yourself. Knowing when to not only accept assistance but request it will make your life easier and create new, or more powerful, relationships. You are not weak because you are asking for help; you are mature, forward-thinking and practical.
  • If you meet someone you enjoy being with (romantic or otherwise), be the one to ask them out for a coffee instead of waiting until they ask. This will give you a surge of confidence and independence plus show that you are a capable, friendly person.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try new activities. This will again enhance your confidence and enable you to meet new people. No one is good at everything, so if you try an activity you really don’t like, move onto something else.
  • Offer to take up a challenging project at work that pushes you and utilises your skillset.



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