How to create the perfect bedroom oasis for a great night sleep

The Mocka Claremont Bedside Table in Black
The Mocka Claremont Bedside Table in Black
Our bedrooms are becoming more than just a place to sleep. 

We watch movies, read books, hey, some of us even have our dinner in our rooms. With the changing nature of our bedrooms it is important to create spaces that cater to all these needs. 

Mocka‘s range of bedside tables provides practical storage and unique designs that enhance the beauty of your space. Take time to consider the needs of your space, do you need extra storage? Do you want the bedside tables to make an impression or frame your beautiful bed? 

Mocka Inca White Bedside Table

Mocka offers a buyer’s guide for choosing the perfect beside table for your bedroom.  Some of the most practical advice and considerations are:

  • Who will be using the bedside tables? Are they for the Master bedroom, a guest room or perhaps extra storage in a child’s room?
  • What are the best sorts of materials for this space? Practical materials such as wood are easy to clean. 
  • Bedside tables come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to consider the practicality of the bedside table in the space. 
  • Storage, storage, storage! Bedside tables more often than not, need to provide storage. Perhaps you only need space for your night cream and favourite book, or perhaps you need to store your children’s favourite toys and books for bedtime, of which there are many. Choosing the right storage solution means your belongings don’t end up on the bedroom floor 
Mocka Hamptons Bedside Table

Styling a bedroom is always fun. There are so many colours and textures that can be included within the space to create an oasis.

Mocka’s range of bedside tables feature soft, restful colours. Be sure to remove any clutter from the top of your bedside table. Use cord clips and attach your wires and chargers behind your bedside tables to keep them concealed making for a restful, uncluttered space. 

Mocka Oslo Bedside Table in White

A checklist is always handy when making design decisions for your home. Mocka has put together this easy to follow guide to make your design decisions even easier: 

1. Is the bedside table roughly the same height as the mattress?
2. Is the bedside table no more than 60cm deep?
3. What lamps do you plan to use, and what are the dimensions of the lamps in comparison to your bedside tables? (To ensure they fit the tabletops.)
4. What ornaments do you plan on styling the bedside tables with?
5. Do you need extra storage space? If so, consider bedside tables with drawers.
6. What will you need next to your bed at night? (For example, a glass of water, medication, clock, etc. Where do you plan to store these essentials?)
7. What colour scheme is your overall bedroom and home and will the bedside tables suit this?
8. What style/interior design look is your bedroom and home and will the bedside tables match in nicely with this aesthetic?

Mocka Sintra Bedside

To see more of Mocka’s bedside table range, visit their website.  

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