How to create the makeup looks from the MiNDFOOD STYLE Britomart Session        

M.A.C Events Artist Danielle Xi created the stunning make-up for the recent MiNDFOOD STYLE Britomart Session. The look she created, says Xi, was all about easy attitude.

“This girl looks effortless and cool¬†for her night out. A pop of colour is applied as a delicate, floating eye liner and the dark plum lip is both feminine and edgy,‚ÄĚ she says.

Xi has given the details for how she created the looks for the show below.

The MAC face chart used for the MiNDFOOD STYLE Britamart series.

The MAC face chart used for the MiNDFOOD STYLE Britamart series.

In her tool kit?

M.A.C Studio Face & Body Foundation ($60)

M.A.C Pro Chromaline in Marine Ultra ($40)

M.A.C Eye Shadow in Freshwater ($38)

M.A.C Eye Pencil in Coffee RRP ($34)

M.A.C Lip Pencil in Vino RRP ($36)


Strobe Cream and Prep + Prime Natural Radiance applied to create beautiful, radiant skin.

Studio Face and Body Foundation and Pro Longwear Concealer applied over the skin as needed to perfect.

Root Cream Colour Base applied with a #168 Large Angled Contour Brush to softly contour cheeks.


Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly pressed on the eye lids as a natural base. Copperplate Eye Shadow buffed into the eye crease with a #217 Blending Brush for a soft contour.

Waveline Fluidline applied with a #210 Eye Liner above the crease as a thin, floating eye liner. Freshwater Eye Shadow pressed over the top to make the colour pop out.

Softly blend Coffee Eye Pencil along the bottom lash line and finish by layering Extended Play Lash to create chunky lashes.


Vino Lip Pencil applied as a base all over the lip with Sin Lipstick pressed on top.

Smudge the edge of the lips with a #239 Eye Shader brush to make the lips look fuller.


Studio Nail Lacquer in Midnight Sky.

Watch the show in full below.

This is how blind women can apply makeup

When you have the privilege of full health and all of your senses it can be difficult to imagine the difficulties of ordinary daily activities. And it becomes easy to say that certain things don‚Äôt matter in ‚Äėthe bigger picture,‚Äô Such as, why would a blind woman care about applying makeup? When really it should be, well why shouldn‚Äôt they? Makeup can be a kind of armor of sorts, a way of facing the world and yes, of feeling feminine. But more than that, if you want to wear makeup, well you should.

But for a blind person, the act of putting on mascara and blending foundation is of course not the simple task that most of us take for granted.

So esthetician Judith Woodworth decided to do something about it, and has developed a series of techniques and tips that help blind women apply their own makeup.

These tips include getting women to count to five when they are applying their powder, which helps to make sure that it’s blended properly.

For Gina Centeno, a woman who lost her vision and hasn’t applied makeup for 25 years, she feels more feminine.

The video below from a segment on the CBS news channel in America shows Judith teaching Gina her technique.

The video shows that makeup ‚Äď and the choice to be able to apply it if and when you want to ‚Äď can lead to self-esteem.

As Gina says of being able to apply makeup herself again, ‚Äúit gives me so much confidence that I can do it.‚ÄĚ