How to create healthy habits


How To Create Healthy Habits
How can you create healthy habits and promote mindfulness? Try these top tips for overall wellness.

Often heading into winter our fitness and diet regime falls by the wayside. In order to keep on top of things and stay in the best shape possible, inside and out, creating healthy habits for the cold season is crucial. We caught up with Australian-based Naturopath and Nutritionist Jess Blair to discuss what you should be doing in the coming months.

Advice on how to create healthy habits

What is your number one health tip?

It’s probably one of the most overlooked health tips, but in my eyes sleep is number one. We cannot function without it and our bodies need sleep for everything to work properly. I suggest getting around 8-10 hours sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, I always suggest a magnesium supplement, and no screens an hour before bedtime.

How can people create healthy habits and stick to them?

Creating healthy habits can be overwhelming so I suggest changing one thing at a time. Try to focus on “adding” to your regime. For example, drinking MORE water, getting MORE sleep, eating MORE vegetables. This will make your life feel more abundant as opposed to making yourself feel restricted.

If someone works particularly long hours, how can they fit enough exercise into their lifestyle?

If you’re someone who works long hours and struggles to fit in exercise, restorative types of exercise are better for you, for example pilates, yoga or a nice walk. I would try integrating small amounts of exercise throughout the day – have a phone meeting? Take it outside on a walk and move your body. Wake up 10-minutes earlier and do a quick yoga flow in your living room before diving into your morning routine – or even MAKE it part of that routine.

What are your top weight loss tips? 

To remember that it’s a journey. Don’t put a time limit on losing weight. It’s so much better to do it over a longer period of time for it to be sustainable. Try to focus on a health goal rather than a weight goal.

How important is good gut health when it comes to overall health? 

Gut health is absolutely paramount. Our gut wall houses 70% of the cells that make up our immune system, so it’s important to work on our gut health every single day.

What are some tips for getting gut health in shape? 

  • Remove the triggers that are causing your discomfort or pain – keep a food diary to pinpoint these triggers
  • Limit stressors from your life that might be disrupting your gut – stress in your personal and work life could be affecting this
  • Add in good quality whole foods, real foods and probiotics
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day and limit alcohol consumption
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar, processed and deep fried

Why is mindfulness important and how can we go about achieving mindfulness in everyday life?

Mindfulness allows us to concentrate on a task as well as appreciate the journey. It’s about being present in a moment and really immersing yourself in that task. With mindful eating for example, I always suggest to enjoy your meal without distractions of phones, computers and TV. Make it a task every day to enjoy your meals without technology.

What are your tips for staying healthy over winter?

Using foods that are in season is a great and easy way to stay on top of our health. Creating warming stews, bone broths and soups with seasonal vegetables will help you load up on nutrients in a delicious, comforting way. Also incorporating a good probiotic, as well as a multivitamin during those cooler months can help you stay on top of your health.

Jess Blair on how to create healthy habits
Jess Blair

Jess Blair is a Naturopath and Nutritionist specialising in women’s health, thyroid and hormonal issues, body image and family well-being. Visit

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