How to create a gloriously ‘imperfect’ space

There’s a rustic charm that comes with blending timeworn timbers with softened warm whites that soothes a space. It’s a classic look that never dates.

And unlike clean whites that bring with them a sense of perfection, these softened whites and aged timbers embrace a sense of being ‘flawsome’ – the joy in things being just right the way they are without aiming for an impossible perfection. Matte finishes such as Resene SpaceCote Flat and Resene Aquaclear Natural on timber are ever so flattering to less than perfect surfaces and easy on the eyes and senses so you can relax into every room.

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Expert tips to make white work for your home

Whites have an enviable way of opening up space, relieving stress and allowing your mind to wander freely.

The key to making white work is by adding touches of visual interest to give your eyes something to alight on as they cast themselves around the room. Think artworks, interesting textured surfaces, subtle or zippy patterns.

Play up your whites with bolder accents for a touch of excitement or keep the mood soothed with tone-on-tone accessorising. Remember to include your floor in your decorating plan – a floor finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash can be just the finishing touch your white space needs.

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