How to cover up your regrowth at home

If you’re still at home waiting out lockdown restrictions, your hair is probably the least of your worries.

And yet, judging by the chat online, plenty of us with previously coloured hair are watching our locks grow out and becoming all too familiar with our natural regrowth shade. 

Equally vocal are our beloved hair stylists, gently reminding us of the work (and time and money) it takes to correct an at-home dye job that ends up less appealing than expected. And that’s only when you can get back to the salon. 

So what to do about the regrowth – if anything? Until we can be back in the talented hands of hair professionals, there are Zoom meetings to be had.

Unlike being able to do much about our haircuts (having a go at trimming with kitchen scissors is not exactly advisable!) minimising greys or dull and dry roots are on our minds. 

There are some options to make the look less obvious.

  1. Switch up your part. Trying a different parting can be a quick and easy solution, especially if your stylist previously placed highlights around your usual parting. Avoiding a straight parting and trying a zig zag one can also make it less obvious.
  2. Use dry shampoo. For lighter hair colours trying to minimise dark roots, a touch of baby powder or dry shampoo can help lighten them a touch. Some brands like Batiste and Moroccanoil also make tinted dry shampoo for brunettes that can also give a subtle boost.
  3. Try a headband. Hair accessories in general are trending, and using a wide band to push back hair is a great way to cover up that hairline. 
  4. Slick back your style. Scrape hair straight back with the help of gel and a fine tooth comb or try finishing in a low and chic ballerina bun.
  5. Wash and blow dry your hair. The greasier and dirtier your hair is, the more obvious regrowth can be. Keep your hair freshly styled and try and braid or up-do if your hair is long enough.
  6. Improvise with makeup. Haven’t got access to cover-up products? At a pinch for a short lived cover up, try applying a similarly toned eyeshadow in a flat mate shade (no shimmer) or a brow powder. Brush on gel brow tints can also help blend greys. It doesn’t work particularly well for blondes though!

If these aren’t cutting the mustard, below are some of the best temporary hair colour products that quickly cover your roots.

L-R L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Temporary Root Concealer Spray1000 Hour Hair Colour Mascara; R+Co Bright Shadows Root Touch-up SprayJoico Tint Shot Root Concealer

Apply product to clean, dry and styled hair. For a more natural look, use a paper towel to mask your scalp to protect it from colour while you spray one side of your part and then switch.

When using sprays make sure to wrap a towel around your shoulder to avoid colouring your clothes. Spray in short bursts with the nozzle facing from your roots towards your ends. Any spray that goes past the area you need to cover will just help blend the spray into the rest of your hair.

And if none of these are options for you? There’s always just embracing it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa were responsible for making bold roots a thing pre-pandemic and there’s no dearth of fellow stars currently rocking a two-tone look. 


Microneedling device new opportunity for skin rejuvenation

Adopting a new treatment into the service menu at Caci is not taken lightly. Experts in treating New Zealanders’ skin for over 25 years, Caci’s process is a carefully considered one, with research on the background and certifications of the device and products involved, review by the Caci Clinical Advisory Board, trialling over time and extensive training among the doctors, nurses and support staff.

So while Caci’s clinics around the country have long offered collagen induction, originally using needled rollers and then more modern handpieces, the arrival of microneedling with the Exceed medical microneedling device is a definite cause for excitement.

That’s because the new device helps stimulate that superstar of healthy skin – collagen – more easily, effectively and faster than previous treatments, so you end up with plump, glowing and smoother skin.


Microneedling is a skin-revitalising procedure designed to enhance and improve skin condition and appearance by activating the skin’s natural regenerative processes which stimulates collagen synthesis.

Anything with the word ‘needling’ in it is likely to give pause to many, but when they say ‘micro’, they mean it. The treatment involves guiding the head of a small handpiece over skin while six tiny needles move up and down, making microscopic and extremely quick perforations in the very top layer of skin. This causes microchannels, or localised and controlled damage that’s designed to incite the skin to spring into healing mode, and with it, produce new collagen, without substantially affecting the structure of the epidermis. Similar treatments available elsewhere can differ because of the quality and needle depth used. Exceed is considered a medical microneedling device as it has the ability to reach the precise depth of skin for optimal regeneration, has FDA approval and is Medsafe listed.


Microneedling with the Exceed device is FDA approved to treat acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, which means a course of treatments is proven to smooth and minimise their appearance and texture. The treatment stimulates collagen production to create strong, healthy and bright skin and, in some cases, may minimise pore size, too.

The kickstarted cellular renewal is not a quick fix, so although you’re likely to see improvements after the first treatments, the real results happen over time. Caci recommends having 4-5 treatments every 4-5 weeks to ensure long lasting and real results. When you’re on a Caci Reformaskin membership, which tailors a range of treatments over time, prior skin conditioning treatments and at-home skincare can also help get the best results.


Everyone is different, but many people say the treatment feels like a thorough exfoliation, similar to an intense microdermabrasion. It can feel a little bit sensitive around the orbital eye bone, nose and forehead, but Caci’s skin therapists are all highly trained, and move through the process quickly and safely so for most, any discomfort is soon forgotten. There is little downtime afterwards and while it is normal to see some redness and swelling after the treatment, this generally goes away on its own within a few hours.


Pick up the phone or head online and book a free consultation at one of Caci’s more than 60 clinics nationwide. You’ll have a chance to chat through your goals and whether microneedling is appropriate for you and your skin. A casual treatment is $562, but customers on a Reformaskin membership save on every treatment; advanced options start from $55 per week on a spreadout payment plan.


To learn more about how Caci can help you achieve your skin goals, visit