How to Care for Blonde Hair in Summer

We all want silky, shiny, healthy locks for summer but unfortunately the elements – think surf, sun, and chlorine – can wreak havoc on hair. Blonde tresses are particularly prone to damage once the warmer weather arrives. Add too much sun and neglect your haircare routine and once-healthy blonde locks can become dry, dull, brittle and brassy.  

Fortunately, haircare products that are formulated with blonde tresses in mind can help you maintain gorgeously, radiant hair all summer long. Joico’s innovative Blonde Life range has been created to repair and maintain the health of the blonde hair so you can enjoy the summer elements without sacrificing the health of your hair.

The clever range includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask, Brightening Veil, Brightening Oil and Brilliant Stone Violet Foam Styler. While we obviously recommend packing the entire range when you head away on your summer holidays, here are the three essentials from the collection that we will be using all season long.

  1. A great at-home treatment – Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque – is the secret to ensuring blonde hair is healthy and radiant right around the clock. The Blonde Life Brightening Masque has been formulated with Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex which means it works to reconstruct damaged strands, plus a nourishing blend of Tamanu and Manoi oils deeply hydrate and give locks serious shine. 
  2. As the sun returns to our shores, blondes need to take extra care to keep tresses soft and shiny. Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil  – a must-pack for your summer holiday bag – makes the job easy. In just one application the formulation’s nourishing oils transform dull, damaged tresses into brighter, shinier and stronger blonde hair. 
  3. One of the latest additions to the Blonde Life Range, the Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler, changes the game when it comes to styling and caring for blonde hair. The multitasking must-have works magic to tone blonde hair in seconds, banishing any sign of brassiness while giving hair body and smoothing any unruly strands for a smooth, frizz-free finish. 


Put to the Test: Synergie Suprema-C Facial

Our beauty editor puts the Synergie Suprema-C facial through its paces at Forme Spa & Wellbeing.

Clean beauty – combining the best naturally derived ingredients and laboratory synthesised ingredients to create effective, ethical skincare –  might be set to become one of the biggest trends in skincare in 2019. But Australian-made and owned cosmeceutical company, Synergie (now stocked at Forme Spa & Wellbeing), has been pioneering clean skincare science since the brand’s inception. “It means using the very best of both science and nature in synergy without potentially harmful additives,” explains Synergie founder Terri Vinson. 

To complement the Synergie skincare range, Forme Spa also offers a number of indulgent and result-based facials. So, with the festive season just around the corner and radiant, healthy skin a necessity for summer, I decided to put the Synergie Suprema-C facial to the test. 

The Treatment

Vitamin C is one of those superstar ingredients that help to remedy a number of common skincare concerns including premature ageing, dehydrating, dullness and hyperpigmentation. In other words, there’s not a lot it doesn’t do, which means Forme Spa & Wellbeing’s new Suprema-C facial by Synergie is perfect for all skin types who are looking to enhance the overall health and radiance of their complexion. Thanks to Synergie’s game-changing clean science philosophy, the vitamin C used in the facial isn’t your run of the mill vitamin C serum – it’s high potency, highly stable and enhances collagen, tone and skin health. 

“It’s a great treatment for anti-ageing, but it’s also great for anyone concerned about sun damage, uneven skin tone and we can custom blend it for the client to target their needs,” explains my therapist Tracey Maree. Tracey Maree explains that not only can it help reduce the signs of pigmentation, it can also help prevent further damage making it the perfect pre-summer beauty treatment. While Vitamin C is the star of the facial, active peptides and essential vitamins are added to the treatment to target secondary skin concerns. For example, if your skin suffers from congestion and blocked pores, the facial can be customised with Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help restore skin clarity. 

Inside Forme Spa & Wellbeing’s beautiful Parnell location.

The Verdict

I’ve always admired Synergie’s approach to clean skincare and vitamin C is top of the list of my must-have skincare ingredients, so I’m naturally excited to try Forme Spa & Wellbeing’s latest offering at the Parnell location. Forme Parnell – located on St Stephens Avenue – is itself noteworthy for its tranquil environment. Situated in a breathtaking grand villa, your spa experience begins from the very moment you step inside.

The Suprema C facial treatment begins with a thorough skin cleansing and a gentle exfoliation to slough away dead skin cells. My skin is then cleansed for a second time to remove ensure the exfoliator is removed before it is gently steamed for around five minutes to prepare my skin for the treatment’s active ingredients. My therapist Tracey Maree then explains that she will be customising the facial by blending the star ingredient of the treatment, vitamin C, with Synergie’s SuperSerum – a potent age-defying serum that boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

To experience the full benefits of the treatment a BioAlginate mask is applied to my skin. Because the mask sets much like a rubber mask, it is applied to my entire face including over my eyes which does feel a little odd for a few minutes. Once the mask is set Iontophoresis galvanic technology helps the active ingredients in the treatment get to work. A negative electrode is placed in my hand while my therapist rolls a positive electrode over the mask. A very gentle electric current – I feel a slight tingling sensation as the Iontophoresis galvanic technology works its magic – infuses the treatments active ingredients into the lower layers of the skin for maximum results. At the end of the treatment, the mask is peeled off and Synergie’s nourishing skincare – including their renowned Uberzinc Moisturiser which provides protection from UV rays – is applied to my skin. 

Following the treatment my skin doesn’t just look and feel well hydrated, it’s definitely more radiant too – that’s the beauty of vitamin C, it really does have a noticeable impact on skin. It really is the perfect pre-summer holiday or special occasion facial to whip your skin into shape. While you will notice results after one treatment Tracey Maree says a course of Suprema C facials – one every week for four to six weeks – is perfect for anyone with a special occasion on the horizon or those who want to see the best results possible. “After a course, you’ll notice your skin really is vibrant, youthful, glowing and well hydrated,” she says.  

The Synergie Suprema-C Facial is available at Forme Spa & Wellbeing nationwide and is $189 for 60 minutes. Visit to book.