Beauty How To: At Home Spa

The art of at-home relaxation is all about how you create the space, says Aurora Spa Retreat founder, Lyndall Mitchell. “Spas are generally warm and nurturing environments, and they’re clutter free,” Mitchell says, explaining that eliminating clutter is the best way to start. As for how you set the mood: that’s completely up to you – there is no right or warong way. “Switching off is personal; it’s very individual as to how everyone does that.” For some, it might be a single lit candler, others might light ten, then draw a bath or make a herabl tea. Follow these tups to get you well on your way to creating an idyllic at home spa environment.

Ritual Not Routine

Don’t let your ever-expanding beauty cabinet become a source of stress. In our hectic lives, the beauty products we choose to use can offer a moment of escapism. Instead of treating the steps in your skincare regimen as routine, try thinking of them as a ritual and respite from the day that’s ahead of, or behind you.

Make a Date

Mitchell swears by putting things in a diary as much as she can, including morning runs. She explains that by doing so, the steps she takes to nurture her own health and wellbeing are treated like business meetings. “There’s no negotiation involved; there’s no will I, won’t I.” Take the same approach to your at-home spa. Set aside time to focus on yourself and stick to it – no excuses.

Little Things Count
Incorporating small rituals into your everyday can help maximise “me” time and transport your senses to the relaxing and rejuvenation spa environment. Mitchell suggests placing an essential oil on the floor of your shower. “Each morning when you step into the shower you’ll get that beautiful aroma that will take you back to your last spa appointment.”

Get Offline
At-home spa time means it’s time to put all your devices down and get offline. Mitchell, who regularly runs digital detox retreats explains that the process of disconnecting with technology allows us to reconnect with ourselves. When you do use your devices think of them as your servant not your master. “Put a mediation app on, take a little pause and allow your thoughts to settle and your stress levels to reduce. It’s about the small pauses you can take,” Mitchell says.

At-Home Essentials

Over the Moon
All spa rituals begin with a good cleanser and Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm ($88) is our pick. The beautiful balm formula doesn’t just remove make-up and impurities, cocoa butter and mimosa wax moisturise while vanilla and sweet orange essential oils relax the mind.

Buff Stuff
Add a pinch or so of Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains ($82) to water or your favourite cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin. The formula contains Japanese adzuki bean powder which slough away dry skin and encourage cell regeneration.

Soothe & Smooth
Whipping up Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask ($69) is half the fun. Mix one heaped teaspoon of powder with one-and-a-half teaspoons of water to create a soft paste. The mask whisks away excess sebum and soothes sensitive skin.

Body Work
Jo Malone London has launched a nourishing reformulation of its Cologne Intense Body Crème ($185 each) collection. Skin is left feeling deeply moisturised, as smooth as silk, and of course, divinely scented.

Mind & Body
Take a deep breath as treat your skin to ASPAR Lavender & Patchouli Relaxing Body Oil ($39). Pure essential oils of lavender, patchouli and may chang soothe and calm as certified organic avocado and jojoba and vitamin E nourish your skin. Take your ritual to the next level by adding a capful of two to your bath.

Happy Feet
A blend of pumice grains and ground apricot seed in Linden Leaves Foot Scrub ($34.99) exfoliate while grapeseed oil, cocoa and shea butter smooth and moisturise dry skin. Invigorating essential oils of sage and lemongrass uplift the senses.

Mane Magic
When recreating the spa at home don’t neglect your tresses. O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque has been whipped up using body and shine-restoring macadamia seed oil and cold-pressed certified organic Australian argan oil.

Handy Work
Treat your digits to a massage using Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream ($20). Active Manuka honey and larch tree extract in the hydrating formula keeps hands satiny smooth and protected from moisture loss.

Karen Walker’s Magic Hands

Karen Walker has teamed up with LA-based photographer, Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style, once again to celebrate the newest additions to her coveted jewellery collection. “For me, it’s always a joy working with Karen,” the Advanced Style photographer says. “Right from the start we’ve had this shared sensibility that just makes us click.”

Hands can be every bit as expressive as faces,” Karen says. “These Magic Hands speak of a life well-lived and they absolutely have their own stories to tell.” The hands featured in the Magic Hands project belong to pianist, fashion designer, yoga fanatic and former star of the Ballets Russes, 93 year-old Phyllis Sues, and infamous party girl, stylist, 1960s Broadway hoofer and great-grandmother, 78 year-old Roberta Haze. Take a look at the striking imagery below.