How to achieve the Euro Retro trend in your home


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t yearning for a European holiday right now, but with travel abroad still off the cards, we’ll have to settle for bringing Europe to us.

One way to do that is to embrace European trends in our home decor. ‘Euro Retro’ interiors are all the rage right now, combining the classic luxury and craftsmanship that epitomises European design with art deco and midcentury styling.

What is the Euro Retro trend?

The Euro Retro look is glamorous and luxurious.

For furniture, think silhouettes with exaggerated curves, opulent marble finishes and gold or brass embellishments.

Statement lighting is a feature, as is colour glassware in light fittings, vases, tableware and ornaments.

Walls are adorned with ornate timber mouldings while terrazzo flooring is also a staple of the trend.

A rich colour palette is essential in creating this look – think jewel tones of teal, aubergine, peacock blue, amber and pale gold; or opulent hues associated with wealth and prestige like royal blue and regal purple.

How to achieve the Euro Retro look

The key to executing the Euro Retro trend in your home is to bring the look up to date with minimalist detailing and to approach colour carefully by limiting your primary palette to three or four hues. Make use of gold detailing on your furniture and accessories.

Find furniture with rounded, retro shapes and don’t be afraid to mix and match items of the same type, such as dining chairs, for an eclectic twist.

Complement your furniture with the right flooring and you’ll enhance your Euro Retro aesthetic with ease. Carpet Court’s Elements Hybrid Tiles in Bronze will help you create the terrazzo look – an essential element of the trend – in a cost-effective way.

Passionate carpet in Celeste.

A plush Carpet Court Raffia rug adds more intrigue to a room with its organic pattern and can help to delineate spaces, while the rich colour of the soft twist pile Passionate carpet in Celeste makes the perfect addition to your Euro Retro colour palette and is an ideal choice for the bedroom.

To complete the look, include decadent velvet drapery and combine it with Carpet Court’s Transitional roller blinds in Charcoal Slate, to give versatility, light control and privacy to the space.

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