How Kiwis can help with Oxfam’s Typhoon Haiyan response

By Efrosini Costa

How Kiwis can help with Oxfam’s Typhoon Haiyan response
Oxfam New Zealand explains how Kiwis can get involved and help the organisation's Typhoon Haiyan response effort.

Typhoon Haiyan caused widespread destruction and death across the Philippines this week. According to Oxfam New Zealand massive this is a disaster that requires a massive and swift response.

“Typhoon Haiyan has killed at least ten thousand people, perhaps many more, and affected over eleven million people. Homes, livelihoods and infrastructure have been destroyed over a huge area. The international community should quickly provide enough assistance to save lives now as well as sustained support afterwards to help recovering communities rebuild their lives and livelihoods” says Oxfam NZ spokesperson Lucy Oakshott.

“Like most disasters, typhoon Haiyan has hit the poorest and most vulnerable people the hardest. The affected provinces are poorer than the national average, with about four out of ten families living below the poverty line before the disaster hit so they don’t have reserves to fall back on. The average household income in Eastern Visayas (Samar and Leyte) was only about NZ$4100 per annum. Many families earned their living from farming and fishing, and from low paid jobs in the towns and cities. Most of these people have no savings and will have lost all their assets” Oakshott argues.

For those of us siting at home and watching the horrifying images from the disaster struck country across our television and online screens, many are asking what they can do to help.

“Oxfam has four teams on the ground in the Philippines in Manila and the worst hit areas – Samar, Leyte and Northern Cebu. We are all working really hard to provide life-saving food, shelter, water and sanitation supplies to the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Whole communities have been utterly devastated and it’s vital we get aid to the worst affected areas as soon as possible. Without clean water, disease spreads quickly and people die needlessly” says Oxfam NZ spokesperson Lucy Oakshott.Below are some of the ways your gift will help Oxfam’s aim to raise globally NZ$20 million to reach half a million people with emergency assistance:

The New Zealand arm for Oxfam are aiming to achieve a contribution of NZ$400,000 from generous New Zealanders. Priorities will be to reach the most vulnerable families with safe water and sanitation facilities to help protect people from public health risks, and more needless deaths.

$50 will supply 10 buckets to provide clean water for families in need.

$68 provides a toilet to serve 20 people and stop the spread of disease

$97 will cover the cost of emergency health kits 

$118 pays for a food survival pack that will feed a family, for four months

$233 give tarpaulin shelter to a family who have lost everything.

“We choose relief supplies that will deliver the most impact, with your help we can get them out to affected families as soon as possible. Please give generously” the organisation says.

You can donate to Oxfam’s Super Typhoon Relief fund at  or by calling 0800 600 700

Kiwis can also donate at all Countdown supermarkets from Friday 15th November (thanks Countdown!!) or help by bucket shaking for Oxfam (you can collect buckets from the Oxfam head office in central Auckland).



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