How to create curls

1 Wash your hair.

2 Apply a volumising spray at the roots, such as Redken Wool Shake 08.

3 Blow dry your hair until it is 100 per cent dry.

4 Clip the top and middle section of your hair, so that only the bottom of the hair is left exposed.

5 Starting at the front of your head and working your way around the back, take a two-inch section of hair and using VIA curling tongs, hold the tong at the root of the hair and wrap the hair around it leaving two-inches spare at the ends (so the ends aren’t curled).

6 Hold the curling tong in place for a few seconds until the hair has set, then let them loose.

7 Continue this all the way around the bottom section, then do the same to the mid-section and lastly the top section.

8 Once all the hair has been curled, using a soft brush, gently brush the curls from mid-length to the ends. This will help create a beautiful, natural curl rather than tight ringlets. Never brush from the root as this will kill the curl.

9 If you need more volume at the roots, gently back comb the crown.

10 Finally, lean over to one side so that the hair falls and from underneath, spray the hair with Davines Defining Invisible Hairspray to help keep the bounce.

Get the look


1 Prep hair by brushing Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam through hair to add body and shine. Use a comb to create a left side part. 

2 Divide hair into four sections: sides, back, and top. Fold the top section over the face and clip to separate.

3 Backcomb the back section of hair with a brush to create messy volume. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for maximum hold. 

4 Cross bobby pins horizontally across the middle of the back section, just below the crown of the head, to create an anchor.

5 Using large hair pins, attach a hairdresser’s sponge at the crown, where bobby pins are anchored.  

6 Cross the right section of backcombed hair over to the left, pinning over the hairdresser’s sponge with large hair pins. Repeat with the left section of backcombed hair, bringing it to right. Take all remaining hair in the back section and twirl to the left to create a French twist. Secure the twist at the nape of the neck with hair pins, creating a tail of loose hair draped over the shoulder. 

7 Set aside a portion of hair to fall in front of the left ear, and brush remaining top section of hair over the hairdresser’s sponge. Pin it into the French twist to create a ‘pouf’. Pull lightly with fingers to create loose, spontaneous volume. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.

8 Leave a few wisps of free-falling hair in front of the left ear, and loosely pin remaining pieces above the right ear. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray to finish.