How activated B vitamins can help beat stress and boost wellbeing


How activated B vitamins can help beat stress and boost wellbeing
Good Health Activated B vitamins absorb rapidly to support your body and optimise health in times of stress.

Everyone suffers from high levels of stress at some time during their life and the past couple of years have been particularly challenging for many Kiwis.

Your body can handle stress in small doses, but ongoing stress can have serious consequences for your sleep, blood pressure, fertility and immune system, mood balance and more.

Balancing all the demands of modern life can be challenging. Things like a healthy diet, relaxation techniques, exercise and good quality sleep can help to keep your stress levels in check, but these are often overlooked when life becomes too demanding.

B vitamins are essential for general wellbeing and stress management. There are 8 different B vitamins and each has a specific function in the body, including supporting energy production, vision and skin health, and a healthy nervous system.

While there are foods rich in B vitamins, including wholegrain cereals, eggs, nuts and fresh vegetables, the body has a limited ability to store these vitamins.

Good Health, the leaders in wellness innovation, have formulated two unique products with activated B vitamins to support those struggling with demanding lifestyles.


The human body needs to activate vitamins in order to utilise them efficiently. Because B vitamins are water soluble, they are transient, with little time to be absorbed before the body flushes them out. Many people lack the co-factors to convert B vitamins into the necessary active form which inhibits absorption. Activated vitamins are in an active methylated form that the body identifies, allowing for superior absorption and usage.

• Activated vitamin B6 plays an important role in supporting a balanced mood, while supporting energy levels and helping support your body’s immune function.

• Activated vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the normal growth and function of all cells, including nerve and red blood cells. B12 also assists in the management of iron absorption, supports energy production and the production of DNA.

Good Health B Activated Complex is a high potency formula, with B vitamins, including the active methylated form of B6 and B12, providing optimum energy support, together with a healthy stress response.

Good Health B Activated B12 is a single ingredient product with the active methylated form of B12 for those with a higher need for B12 supplementation. The delicious berry-flavoured dissolvable tablet is recommended for those struggling with low energy levels, ongoing stress and needing adrenal and nerve support.

Both B Activated Complex and B Activated B12 may be beneficial for individuals on restricted diets, those with gut concerns or where absorption is impaired. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Good Health, Auckland.


Available at all good pharmacies, health stores and online.



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