House tour: The New York penthouse blending modern design and luxury lifestyle

This New York gem sits high up in the skyline, boasting unrivalled views of the cityscape. 

‘Luxury meets contemporary’ was the guiding vision behind this luxury penthouse in the heart of New York City. Led by Arthur Dunman for Jed Johnson Studio, the designer paid attention to detail in every corner of the apartment.

Boasting an impressive view of the city, the design started with a white colour base, which was built off in each room with individual colour colours to create a unique atmosphere in each space.

Elegant blue is woven through the bedroom and living room, while the dining area pops with bright yellow, complemented by creamy shades, silver and gold.

The dining room embodies the ‘luxury meets contemporary’ concept, featuring bold furniture pieces that catch the eye. A sculptural mirror hangs above a gold and brown sideboard, while a Newton Dining Table by Boca do Lobo demands your attention. A dazzling chandelier with futuristic detail sits above, a bold break from the traditional design norms.

Art and furniture are thoughtfully positioned along with modern and luxurious textures, colours and design details to create a penthouse that’s worthy of its desirable location.

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