House tour: A palatial Spanish villa in the heart of Brisbane

This Mediterranean-inspired abode is a lesson in free-flowing, curved design.

Located in the quiet Brisbane suburb of Paddington, the Arcos Villa is a breathtaking Spanish-style villa. The forever home of Robert and Meghan Gray, the five-bedroom palatial house represents a collaboration between Joe Adsett Architects and Gray’s design and construction company, Graya Construction.

Credit: David Chatfield

Measuring just over 800 square metres, the old Queenslander home has been beautifully renovated into a Mediterranean inspired luxury villa, with six bathrooms, three living rooms, a swimming pool and space for eight cars.

Credit: David Chatfield

“We wanted a home that felt like we were in an international hotel, a home away from home. We wanted to achieve a Spanish villa feel with an Aussie twist,” says Gray.

Credit: David Chatfield

Flowing, curved shapes define the design style of the home, featuring elegant archways that are hallmarks of the Mediterranean style.

Free flowing interiors and exteriors with lots of natural light add to the luxurious and homely feel, the sun-drenched courtyard a standout feature of the home.

Credit: David Chatfield

“We wanted a space where we could easily entertain, a space that was connected to both the living area and outdoor entertaining area, yet comfortable for day-to-day use,” says Gray.

Credit: David Chatfield

Modern technology paired with minimal styling makes up the kitchen, sleek Gaggenau 200 series ovens fitting in elegantly aalongside the streamlined kitchen.

“Their seamless design enhanced the feel of the kitchen, they have a much more blended look rather than the focus being on the oven,” says Gray.

Colour your world with the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2022

The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2022 is here to inspire your home décor overhaul. Recognising how the pandemic has changed our understanding of what makes a house a home, the latest Forecast has comfort at its centre.

“Living through a pandemic has made us feel even more connected to our homes,” says Davina Harper, Dulux Colour Specialist. “When it comes to future trends, comfort is key. We want our living spaces to calm and nurture us, so we can process everything we’ve experienced over the last year, and at the same time, help us rediscover our zest for life, looking forward.”

This understanding, combined with extensive research into global trends, has determined the three colour palettes that make up the 2022 Forecast – Flourish, Wonder and Restore.


The circumstances of the past 18 months have imbued us with a desire to make the most of every moment. The Flourish palette captures this spirit while also exuding elegance and decadence with rich hues like petrol blue, desert red and dusty rose interspersed with pops of vintage gold. Interiors are layered with colour and texture, combining sumptuous tones through fabrics such as velvet, silk and soft leather.


The Wonder palette is all about optimism, bringing joy to your spaces with pastels and summer shades like cornflower blue, lilac, lemon, green quartz and rose gold. Bright florals, checks and candy stripes meet needlepoint cushions, ribbed glass and woven rattan furniture. Sustainably sourced or recycled furniture is a feature of this look, underpinning a desire to protect the wonders of the planet we share.


Restore takes inspiration from the environment with earthy neutrals and rugged natural tones. Hues like buttercream, pumice, airy blue, clay, moss and purple- black provide a soft and soothing backdrop. Décor is minimalist and familiar, creating a space that is comfortable and calm. Furniture is chunky and features curves reminiscent of the lines of the body. Accessories are simple yet provide interest through imperfect shapes.

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Styling: Bree Leech • Photographer: Lisa Cohen • Artworks: “Wild Flower” by Llewellyn Skye; “Kimono” by Jai Vasicek; “Lemons On A Pink Table” by Helen McCullagh; “Aeonium In A Posy With Kangaroo Paw and Paper Daisy” by Dominka Keller; “Green & Purple Freedom” by Brigita La; “Night 1” by Phoebe Halpin 

Colours shown as close as possible to the actual paint colours. Always confirm your final colour choice with a Dulux Sample Pot.