Hot Spot: Maman

Sisters Kate Boyden and Emma Main always dreamt of opening a contemporary fashion and lifestyle space in their local suburb of Remuera. In August, their dream became a reality as the doors to their chic boutique, Maman, opened its doors. Maman reflects Kate and Emma’s love for French design, while the name is for their mum who encouraged them to follow their dreams.


The duo have hand-picked favourite brands from around the globe to stock in-store including Celine Eyewear, Spring Court Trainers, Paige and JBrand Denim, IRO, American Vintage and knitwear connoisseurs Fine Collection. Alongside French and international fashion labels, you’ll find gorgeous homeware, gifts, and local and international art.

Maman is open now at 2a Clonbern Road, Remuera, Auckland.

The Science Behind Ultimune Eye

To celebrate the launch of Shiseido’s groundbreaking Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, we talk to one of the Shiseido scientists behind the revolutionary serum.


We all know that it’s the eye area that reveals the first signs of ageing. Can you explain to us what happens to the eye area over time?

Since the skin around the eyes is extremely thin, it’s extremely delicate and suffers from environmental stress, especially exposure to dry environments. We also blink twenty thousand times a day. All of this leads to the skin around our eyes losing water and fat under the skin, causing wrinkles and skin roughness to appear.


Skin immunity is essential for stronger, beautiful skin but it’s generally not something we think about until we notice changes occurring. Tell us what Shiseido has discovered about skin immunity and why it’s so important.

Since skin directly faces the external environment, it suffers from various kinds of stimuli. Accumulated reactions to these stimuli eventually cause our skin’s appearance to age. Everybody has a defence function in their skin that serves to prevent the expansion and prolongation of the reactions. Skin immunity works for prevention rather than for curing concerns that have already appeared. This eventually prevents skin ageing.

How does Ultimune Eye boost skin immunity?

It restores the calming enzymes on skin immunity cells. Shiseido’s Ultimune Complex curbs the activity of skin-damaging factors and enhances skin’s immunity. Dryness in the eye area leads to the deterioration of the skin’s immunity, which in turns leads to more dryness. To stop this negative spiral, Ultimune Eye contains ImuMoisture Extract™, to keep the eye area well hydrated.

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate works by enhancing the function of our skin’s Langerhans cells. Tell us about the function of these cells. Why is it important to target them?

The ingredients of the product work synergistically with the original Ultimune serum and further activate the calming enzymes on Langerhans cells. Langerhans cells can curb reactions to various kinds of environmental stimuli and prevent the reactions that cause skin troubles.


Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, $108, is available now.


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