Homeless boy diligently does homework by the light of McDonald’s every night

By Kate Hassett

The boy who wouldn't give up just got the best reward.

It’s amazing how one image can have the power to change the course of fate for an individual. Sometimes in a negative way, but for the most part – in an overwhelmingly positive way. Such an occurrence happened in Mandaue, Philippines when a student had a chance encounter with a young boy, sitting on a small desk, doing his homework by the light of the local McDonald’s.

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca took the photo and shared it to see if she could gain traction enough to help the boy, even just a little. In a show of outstanding community, the world has responded by helping third-grader Daniel Cabrera and his mother Christina Espinosa in the most beautiful way.

Shared by news networks, social media and even politicians, Daniel has now received full scholarships to whatever school he wishes to go to, as well as continued support from Philippine politicians and charitable strangers.

Daniel and his mother lost their home after a fire destroyed their house and all their belongings. Christina was widowed after her husband and Daniel’s father – died in jail. Since then, the pair have been living in wall-less food stall, but even so, the limiting circumstances have not slowed Daniel’s will to work hard and do well at school.

Now, due to the love of strangers and the positive power of social media, Daniel will be able to put everything into his education. For hard work really does pay off.



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