History lesson: The Giro collection is a modern homage to Scottish weaving traditions


<em>Villa Mandra by K-Studio</em>
Villa Mandra by K-Studio
In his first collaboration with Kettal, designer Vincent Van Duysen found inspiration in traditional craftsmanship centred around rope. 

In the late 1800s, a resourceful group of artisans from the Scottish archipelago of Orkney set about building furniture using whatever resources they could find lying around. Straw became one of the most useful materials, woven together to create a rope that formed the backing and seat of chairs.

It took many hours and a lot of skill to craft and it is this legacy of craftsmanship that inspired designer Vincent Van Duysen when he set out to create the Giro collection for Kettal, his first collaboration with the Spanish furniture brand.

“The initial and core idea and research behind this collection was about the rope, using it in a different way by sewing them together in order to create the shape of the product itself,” explains Van Duysen.

Whereas the original Orkney chairs were made from real rope, the Giro creation has been suitably updated for the modern age, crafted out of recycled polypropylene rope that’s both sustainable and offers greater flexibility.

“There is a respect for the tradition and craftsmanship but translated to an actual modern up to date version taking all the profit of the actual technology and know-how of Kettal,” says the designer.

Introducing a strong element of tacticility, this material is purpose-built for all weather conditions, beautifully presented in the signature Giro Club armchair, an homage to the Orkney’s woven technique, this time delicate and refined. The natural aesthetic is carried on through the use of teak, expanded into various other chairs, sofas and tables.

“The materials are the protagonists of the collection, which seems almost not designed, it comes naturally together,” says the designer. “We have some variety of shapes, textures and materials…And still all the items merge harmoniously together to create a warm, tactile and pleasant atmosphere.”

The Giro collection is available at studioitalia.co.nz



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