The Jewellery Lust-Haves: Hidden Gems

Your digits are there to dazzle, so embellish them with the sparkliest little – or big – numbers you can get your hands on. Stack and layer for added wow factor, and embrace rich tones of red, blue and green to sing in the season.

Right hand, from top: Sapphire and diamond bracelet, $48,600, “Dream Catcher” rubellite collection ring, $29,000, and white gold oval peridot and diamond ring, $17,995, all from Partridge Jewellers. Left hand, from top: White gold oval tanzanite and diamond ring, $19,700, Nouvelle Bague white gold and sapphire ring, $5360, white gold diamond, blue sapphire, blue topaz and green tourmaline ring, $6695, “Dream Catcher” rubellite and diamond bracelet, $36,000, all from Partridge Jewellers.

6 Sunglasses We Love

Without a doubt, sunglasses are the most essential accessory to have during summer. Not only do they prevent squinting and hurting the eyes, they add an element of flair to your overall look.

With the power to make or break an outfit, sunglass selection requires more than a little thought. Choose a colour that works for your skin tone and make sure you try before you buy. Certain styles suit some face shapes more than others.

To get you started, here are six of our favourite sunglasses right now.