Heroic man braves Fukushima’s radiation to feed animals in the exclusion zone

By Maria Kyriacou

Heroic man braves Fukushima’s radiation to feed animals in the exclusion zone
Single human resident of Japan’s contaminated wasteland chooses animals over radiation risk

Naoto Matsumura has been dubbed the “Guardian of Fukushima’s animals” after deciding to forego his risk of contamination to look after animals caught in the 12.5-mile exclusion zone.


The fifth-generation farmer’s hometown of Tomioka was affected by the nuclear meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant four years ago.

Naoto Matsumura, the last man living in the No Go Zone of Fukush

The disaster, brought on by a tsunami and earthquake saw thousands of citizens unsettled and countless animals left behind.naotomatsumura4

After experiencing the over-crowded refugee camps and being spurned by his aunt who feared he was contaminated, he decided to return home to check on his family’s farm animals.

What he found was a wasteland, with hundreds of starving animals. He decided to remain in the toxic environment, live a simple, solitary life and tend to the animals.

Matsumura Naoto and Shiro the cat

The selfless 55-year-old worked out that by the time the radiation would have an impact upon him he would be close to dying a natural death anyway. He lives on food provided for him from outside the exclusion zone and relies on donations to feed the animals.

To donate to Matsumura and the animals, check out his blog and Facebook.














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