Here’s Why You Should White Shirt for Ovarian Cancer Day

A white shirt never goes out of fashion but today there’s even more reason to don a white as 8 May is World Ovarian Cancer Day. For 11 years Witchery has been working closely with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) to raise ovarian cancer awareness and help put an end to the deadly disease. 

The Witchery White Shirt Campaign returns again this year with 100 per cent of gross proceeds being donated to the OCRF. “One Kiwi woman dies every 48 hours from ovarian cancer. With no early detection test available, ovarian cancer has a significantly lower survival rate than breast and cervical cancer,” said OCRF CEO, Lucinda Nolan.

To date, the witchery WhiteShirtcampaign has raised over $12.1 million but there is still work to be done. This year an incredible line-up of inspiring women, including politician Julie Bishop, actress Jessica McNamee and wellness duo Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw have pledged their support to the philanthropic fashion cause and have fronted the 2019 White Shirt campaign. 

To get behind World Ovarian Cancer Day and Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign we caught up with Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw and found out what the cause means to them. 

Tell us about shooting the Witchery White Shirt campaign and your involvement?
 t was such an honour to be able to be a part of this campaign and be ambassadors for such an important cause. The team was incredible, and we all felt really special to be a part of the day.

What is it about the campaign that resonates with you?
We both love to utilise our following and influence in a positive way, aligning ourselves to brands or campaigns that we believe in. We’re both fortunate in that we have not had a family member affected by ovarian cancer, but motivating others to support such an important cause and learning all the facts for ourselves and teaching them to others to spread awareness is why we wanted to be a part of it.

What have you learnt about ovarian cancer since working on the campaign?
To be honest, a lot of the facts were incredibly shocking and new to us. We were disappointed in ourselves that we weren’t aware of how prevalent ovarian cancer is and that the early symptoms are so general and hard to pinpoint. The most shocking thing to us is there is no non-invasive early detection test… We both (like a lot of women) were under the impression the pap smear detected ovarian cancer when that is not the case.

If people should know one thing about ovarian cancer, what is it?

Scarily, the only early symptoms are bloating and fatigue, and because there is no non-invasive early detection test, most women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already in the advanced stages. This sadly means that 70% of these women won’t live beyond five years.

How can people get involved with the campaign?
You can buy a white shirt from Witchery, and 100% of gross profits will go towards the OCRF. The collection this year is beautiful, there is an option for every woman and it is such a great cause to support.

What does a white shirt mean to you?
A white shirt is a wardrobe staple, a white shirt makes us feel strong, sophisticated and powerful…and it is even more powerful when the shirt you buy is one that supports the OCRF.

How would you describe your style?
S: Comfortable, but very much a mix between tomboy/sporty and girly. Some days I’m in a suit, other days a baggy tee and boyfriend jeans, and then sometimes a bodycon dress and heels!

L: Practical but sophisticated. I think it is so important to be comfortable in what you are wearing, and so I don’t tend to feel the need to dress to match trends anymore, I dress for my body and what makes me feel the most confident. A white shirt is one piece I ALWAYS go back to – it is always on trend and can be worked in with almost any look.

What is the one fashion rule designed to be broken?
S: If anyone tells you to only wear what’s ‘in’ or ‘trendy’, don’t listen to them. Wear anything that makes you feel like your most confident self.
L: Exactly what Steph said!

What does taking care of yourself mean to you?
S: It’s a huge priority for me. When I’m not taking care of myself, other things like relationships and work fall apart. When I’m in a routine and looking after myself, I have a lot more time and energy for everything else, and everything just works.

L: For me, it is about respecting my body and my mind, and knowing that I can’t be the best version of myself for others if I don’t look after myself first. I try to run a few times a week as I find that so calming for my mind, and where I can spend a morning (usually Sunday) doing absolutely nothing and spending time with my partner.

What are your top five beauty products?
S: Bondi Sands SPF range has become a major staple for me, especially because I’m constantly in the sun and I’ve become more conscious of protecting myself. The other four staples would be pure coconut oil for body moisturiser and hair treatment, Clinique FIT Mascara, Bondi Sands Express for photo shoots or events, and my favourite foundation would be Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder.
L: I love a good hydrating moisturiser, B and C serum, BB cream (I use the Garnier one in medium) and an eyebrow gel.

What is your approach to life’s challenges?
S: I can be easily overwhelmed, so often I just need to talk through any challenges with Laura or my Fiancé Josh and it all works out okay. I think surrounding myself with supportive and intelligent people always eases me through any challenges, but I also try and look at challenges as speed bumps, not giant walls that I can’t get over.
L: Challenges in life (while at the time are extremely difficult) is how we grow and strengthen as people.

Take a look at the eight Witchery OCRF shirts in the gallery below and shop them in-store and online now right here.  

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