10 steps to boost your libido


10 steps to boost your libido
Couples who've been in a relationship for many years might need to find that spark again. These ten steps could help you back onto the path of intimacy.

When two people meet, a metaphorical fire begins to burn. However, this fire only lasts for a short period of time. Put simply, the love might never die, but the passion can take a serious hit. Couples who’ve been in a relationship for many years might need to find that spark again, and relationship health libido advice is very powerful.

Although the spark is always within, it can get lost in the struggles of life, which basically means the libido needs to be refreshed. Passionate couples who need to find their libido again can use 10 simple steps.

Don’t Neglect Stress

Although this tip is pretty common, its popularity comes from its effectiveness. For most people, it’s natural to ignore stress. After all, nobody really wants to deal with their stress. Unfortunately, stress is one of the main causes of reduced libido. By finding ways to tackle stress and eliminate it, libido action should improve substantially. 

However, not everyone handles stress the same way. Some people choose to get rid of stress with exercise, and others eliminate stress with a relaxing session of yoga. Anyone who wants to improve their libido needs to sit down, determine the main causes of their stress and figure out a productive way to get rid of that stress. 

The Power of Touch

Not every touch must lead to a sexual encounter. By touching their partner, such as with a loving hug or sensuous massage, a person can bring new life to their libido. 

The contact between two people’s skin will boost oxytocin levels, which helps to induce relaxation and ignite passion. By simply getting some more skin to skin contact, both partners can enjoy a much more active libido. 

Together In the Shower

Studies show that bathing together increases libido. By simply starting to shower with your partner, you can increase your libido. Couples can try creative shower ideas like adding soothing scents to the bathroom or hopping into the bathtub together. 

Balancing Your Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is an excellent way to increase libido. This is a lifestyle tip that is very effective. It’s important to avoid large amounts of sugar, processed foods, drugs and antibiotics; all of these issues can weaken a person’s immunity. 

Try to strike a balance with acidic and alkaline foods, which will help to keep blood levels ripe for increased libido action. Eat foods like avocado, figs, fish, brown rice, arginine and celery, which are all foods that boost libido.

Positive Thinking

Here is another lifestyle tip. Nothing will spoil an active libido quicker than negative emotions and thoughts. Much like a diet, emotions and thoughts turn into habits. By concentrating on the positive aspects of your life, you will feel happier, and you will also increase your libido. By happy with what you do have in life. 

Eat Well

Each day, the body cleanses itself through sweat, tears and urine. By cleansing your body at least once per week, you can give your body a choice to restore balance. On your diet day, eat foods that are packed with antioxidants, and try to eat fruits and other types of food that will help your body restore balance. When your body is balanced and healthy, your libido will kick into action.

A New Spark

Studies show that partaking in some sort of new, challenging experience helps to increase dopamine levels in the brain. Since dopamine is the chemical in the brain that influences a person’s sex drive, the more of it the better. Simply trying a new activity with your partner like cycling or hiking can increase dopamine levels enough to boost your libido. 

Mind Speak

Research suggests that simply telling yourself your sexual desire is high can increase libido. Since a person is saying this inside of their mind, it is called mind speak. At various intervals, program your brain into thinking you want sex.


This tip is a bit dated, but for increasing one’s libido, it still works wonders. By simply interacting and socialising with other people, a person can jumpstart their libido. When a person socialises with peers, it makes them feel young again, and it makes them feel the desires that they had when they were young.

More Lighting

Much like a football stadium influences football players, bedroom lighting can influence libido. Decorating a room with soothing lighting and romantic music will create a romantic mood.

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