1 in 2 People Offended by Swearing on First Date

By Mariam Digges

1 in 2 People Offended by Swearing on First Date
Swear like a sailor? Then you're 50 per cent more likely to be rejected a second date proposal, according to a new study. Find out what the other three biggest turn-offs are.

Unsurprisingly, women are the ones who are most offended by potty mouths on first dates, with 48.3% claiming this is enough to put them off going on a second date. But, not too far behind were the foul-mouthed ladies, offending 39.3% of men who believed this to be ample reason to be turned-off.

The study, released by dating site ForgetDinner.com.au., surveyed over 1,500 Australians, found that mobile phone-use, tardiness, and swearing were the biggest turn-offs.

The survey also found that looks didn’t play nearly as large a role as personality, with 19.2 per cent preoccupied with aesthetics. Read on for ForgetDinner.com.au’s top three personality turn-offs:

1. Negativity: 33.4% consider negativity a major turn off, so keep the food complaints and comments about your ex to a minimum. Research has proven that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people[1].

2. Neediness: 27.4% of people will refuse someone another chance at a date if they exhibit needy behavior. Surprisingly, women are more concerned by the thought of snagging a clingy partner than men, with 30% claiming this to be a major turn off, while only 22.6% of men fear a smothering woman. 

3. Wild Behaviour: Apparently, we aren’t keen on dating someone who could be considered a ‘party animal’ either, with 12.4% claiming they wouldn’t give a wild date a second go. Interestingly, the introverts rated high in the opinions of Aussie singles, with only 3.6% saying they would be concerned by a date that was ‘shy’.

“Clearly many of us are repelling our dates in ways we may not have not have even realised. So next time you make a negative comment about your dinner or pull out your phone, bear in mind that you may be ruining your chances of a second date,” Says ForgetDinner.com.au’s spokesperson Howard James.

Mr. James says the following behaviours are guaranteed to impress and help secure a second date:

Choosing exciting places for a first date. Romantic and physical attraction is linked with danger!

Mirroring, or repeating someone’s body language.

Show attentiveness by saying the person’s name at least twice during conversation.

Visit ForgetDinner.com.au for more information. 



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