5 Minutes with Libby Trickett

By Mariam Digges

5 Minutes with Libby Trickett
With the Seven Day Grape Shape Healthy Eating Plan, swimming champion Libby Trickett was able to lose the weight she needed to make a glittering career comeback for the London Games. Now, at her fitness peak, she has her eyes firmly set on victory at Rio.

How did you get to be involved with the Seven Day Grape Shape Healthy Eating Plan?


I really wanted to change the way that I thought about food, and also support something Australian that is good for you. Also – the fact that I have a sweet tooth, made grapes appealing to me.

What does a regular day’s eating involve for Libby Trickett?

Right through my 20s, I used to eat three big meals each day. But now, eating five regular meals a day keeps both the engine and my metabolism going.

I start the day with three or four eggs – sometimes I mix it up with two eggs, mushrooms and spinach. For a mid-morning snack, I’ll have some nuts and grapes. Lunch is either a chicken wrap or a salad. For afternoon tea, I’ll have a tin of tuna, and more grapes. And I like to keep dinner simple, with either fish or chicken, and a side of vegies.

Do you find it hard sticking to a regular eating plan?

I try to stick to it as much as possible – but you can’t t always do it, so I have one ‘cheat day’ a week.  I spend six days eating very lean, fresh and sensible, so a day to let the body relax is good for you. I don’t go too crazy – because I eat so well all week, I don’t crave the really bad stuff. That’s a crucial thing – to really listen to your body and what it wants.

Do you pair any other fitness with swimming?

Leading up to the Olympics, I was training at an elite level, which involves 34 hours a week; seven sessions in the water, two bike sessions, two gym sessions, two run sessions, upper core training, and one yoga session. It was a lot of training, but the funny thing was, it wasn’t until I started making the right food choices that I got to see the weight move – which was incredibly frustrating at first, as you can imagine.

How do you best enjoy grapes?

My absolute favourite way to enjoy them is fresh out of the fridge – I always take them with me everywhere in a resealable bag. But I’ve started to add them to my salads. I admit – I was skeptical at first, but it’s actually delicious.



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