Health benefits of Rose Hip


Health benefits of Rose Hip
Whether in powder or oil form, these powerful little seeds have a vast array of health benefits for the body, mind and soul.

Rose-hip is the fruit of the wild rose bush. Blossoming from late Summer to Autumn, the fruit that grows on the dog rose and wild rose, are some of the richest plant sources of vitamin C.

The dried product vastly outweighs oranges when it comes to natural levels of vitamin C, with just 100g of the product boasting between 1700 and 2000 mg – nearly 60 times the amount found in oranges.

The seeds of the fruit are usually ground up and ingested in powder form, or extracted as oil and used as a topical treatment.

“In the UK, during the Second World War [when citrus was scarce], people made rose hip syrup from the fresh hips to supplement their vitamin C levels and help keep them healthy,”  Tipper Lewis, lead herbalist at the famed British natural health emporium, Neal’s Yards Remedies, told Well and Good.

The magical fruit is also known to contain GOPO or galactolipid, which is substance associated with reducing pain and inflammation, especially in the joints.

The seeds have also been found to have a mild laxative and diuretic effect, helping with symptoms of constipation.

The essential fatty acids in rose hip seed oil make it an ideal ingredient in many natural skincare lines, as they contain high levels of antioxidants and beta-carotene, they have also been known to help defend against free radicals and replenish damaged tissue.

The process of drying and extracting the oil can limit the effectiveness of the product, so it’s best to infuse the fresh or dried hips of hot water, or even in cold water overnight.



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